EOSE Projects


EOSE is the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment which was created in 1994 and since 2002 has been registered as a not for profit association.

EOSE provides a link between employment and education in sport at the European and national level. EOSE has in place a network of national observatories and members which monitor sports education and employment in different European countries.

As well as the implementation of the Lifelong Learning Strategy across the sector (e.g. Fitness, Outdoors and Golf), EOSE has also conducted and taken part in projects and work in the following areas of the sport sector:
• Training for volunteers
• Dual career (education for elite athletes)
• Sports player agents
• AEHESIS higher education project to align degrees in sport
• Sport for people with disability
• E-learning training platforms

The Collaboration between FIBA Europe Universitas and EOSE will be in different lines:
• Networking with decision makers and other stakeholders from the sector
• Linking to EU policies and initiatives
• Workforce / Labour market research
• Describing main jobs and career pathways
• Occupational standards
• Links to European Qualifications Framework (EQF)
• Support for national Basketball federations
• Endorsement / licensing scheme (with the FIBA Europe coaching department)
• EU funded projects
• courses

Through these projects/activities, FIBA Europe Universitas would implement the different steps of the Lifelong Learning Strategy for Sport which have been successful in other parts of the sport industry and have received the full support and approval of the EU.