Russia Rule Serbia Out Of Top Spot

13 July 2012

Russia ruled Serbia out of the U16 European Championship Women Group B top spot, beating them by 73-60.

The classic European match-up had two of the most productive players of the tournament going face to face.

Daria Kolosovskaya had 18 points and five rebounds and grabbed the win, while Aleksandra Crvendakic shined with a her individual performance, scoring 19 points and getting eight rebounds.

Russia lead in the game from the beginning, with Serbia only being able to change this during a small period in the third quarter.

It was then that Kolosovskaya took over, as Anastasya Borovykh, with 14 points, and Tatiana Sema, with 12 points and seven rebounds assured the early advantage.

Russia still need to beat the Slovak Republic to assure the first place in Group B, while the Serbian team will close their Preliminary Round campaign against winless Greece.


20.07.2012 - U16 WOMEN

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