13 Is Spain's Lucky Number

13 July 2012

Laia Flores' eight points during the third period were essential for the Spanish aspirations in the U16 European Championship Women, as Spain came late in the game but overcame the Netherlands, 53-45.

In the first period, the Netherlands dominated a Spanish team unable to get open shots.

Spain's defeat to Italy on Thursday was still fresh in the players' minds, while their opponents showed lots of confidence.

Spain answered back with a strong start in the second quarter, but the Netherlands secured a one point advantage at half time, 22-21.

Flores' show started early in the third quarter, scoring six points in a row, with a three pointer, a jump shot and one from the charity line.

A complete shooting range mixed with a mature attitude, gave the Spaniards the possibility to show how they can impact this competition.

Helena Orts, with 11 points, and Angela Salvadores, with 10, on the Spanish side, and Janis Ndiba and Emese Hof, with 11 points each, on the Dutch side, also had remarkable performances at Generali Arena.

Both teams keep their aspirations to advance to the Qualifying Round intact.


19.07.2012 - U16 WOMEN

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