Half-Court Press: Klaudia Perisa

17 July 2012

Klaudia Perisa (Croatia)
Klaudia Perisa is eager to keep progressing and become the best basketball player she can be. submitted Croatian shooting guard Klaudia Perisa to its relentless Half-Court Press, and she showed class after their second defeat in U16 European Championship Women Group F.

Perisa is having a good defensive performance in Miskolc, mainly coming from the bench. It is her second participation at the U16 European Championship Women, as she already featured in last year's edition. What's your first basketball memory?
Klaudia Perisa: My brother played basketball, so I remember seeing him wanting to follow his footsteps.

Why do you want to become a basketball player?
This is what makes me complete, what I enjoy the most, that's why I pursue a basketball career.

Playing on the senior national team in a EuroBasket Women would mean ...
It is a big motivation to keep progressing. Also, it would be the fulfilment of one of my biggest dreams.

Who is your favourite basketball player?
LeBron James.

Which part of training do you like less?
It has to be conditioning.

How do you imagine basketball when you'll be 30 years old?
I will be more experienced and I will play a lot better. I think I'll be a courageous player, but it would probably be my last years as a player.

Do you prefer watching movies or listening to music?
I prefer music!

What's your favourite song?
I listen mainly pop music. My favourite song at the moment is Flo Rida's "Good Feeling"!


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