Downloads for Basketball statisticians

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FIBA Europe Stats Suite For Leagues And Clubs - Live Stats For All, For Free

You like the live stats on You want to use the same basketball statistics software and online live stats for your own league, club or school? FIBA Europe Stats Suite is now available for everybody - free!

If you want to use FIBA Europe Stats Suite for a smaller regional / local league or club school simply use the link at the bottom of this page to register and start using it immediately. In case you intend to use it for a professional basketball league or for a national basketball federation, please contact us.

To learn more about FIBA Europe Stats Suite see all its features and a comparison of the editions below.

The client software itself is available for download here.


Collect stats during games 


Use the same software for your own games which has been used already during more than 15,000 games in FIBA Europe competitions.

It has been built and constantly improved over the past years, taking into account the ideas and feedback from basketball statisticians across Europe.

Online Live Stats


All you need to provide live stats from your games is an internet connection in the arena.

The design is customizable in terms of colours, logos and banners and a mobile version is available as well.

Live stats can be easily embedded on your own website through our widgets.


Print reports 


Print all the standard reports (boxscore, play by play etc.) as well as some more advanced ones. All reports can be customized using your own headers and footers and exported as pdf, xls and html files.

Video Analysis 


If a game video is available after the game it can be combined with the statistical data. This allows your coaching stuff to analyse games by quickly by finding any particular play or action from the game.

Track usage 


Usage tracking is available through Google Analytics - you can find out easily where your users are coming from, what your most popular games are and basically whatever else you need in order to understand the behaviour of your users better.

Manage with admin portal 


Through our admin portal you can manage all your live games, teams and competitions easily yourself.

You can also manage your users, upload banners and customize the appearance of your live stats from here.

Integrate with your existing solutions 


In case you need to synchronize data with already existing third party solutions this can be done easily through our standard interfaces.

TV Graphics 


For professional games it is possible to access all statistical data in real-time and present it during TV broadcasts.

A complete solution for TV Graphics including the required hard- and software exists already but is provided by a third party and not part of the free package.


Compare Editions

Club Edition League Edition Pro Edition
  For individual clubs, schools, etc. who want to keep track of stats of their teams and/or provide live stats on their websites For smaller regional / local leagues and competitions For professional basketball leagues and national basketball federations
Free FreeUsually Free
(Depending on traffic and expected level of support)
Register online
FIBA Europe Stats Suite
Client software to enter statistics during a game
All current versions of MS Windows

Smart user interface supporting the statistician by automatically suggesting next action
Printed reports
Reports in custom language (currently available English, Croatian, German, Lithuanian, Polish)
Custom headers and footers on report
Save report as pdf, html or Excel sheet

XML data export
Video analysis (combine game with statistics)

Working in on- and offline mode
Game clock can be operated from a separate PC
Online live stats
Live stats available
Customizable design
Customizable logo
Customizable banners
Free of advertising

Facebook integration
Hosted in professional data centres in Germany
Live stats served through CDN for improved performance
Usage tracking through Google Analytics
Integration into your own website through widgets
English language version
Custom languages
Admin Portal
Access to admin portal
Manage competitions
Manage teams and players
Manage games
Manage users
Data synchronisation with third-party applications
Direct access to live data for custom applications
Additional features
Solution for TV Graphics
Costs Free FreeUsually Free
(Depending on traffic and expected level of support)
Register online