Technical Commission of FIBA Europe

Technical Commission Members


Mr Grzegorz Bachanski (POL)

Vice President:

Mr Victor Mas (ESP)


Mr Robert Vyklicky (CZE)

Mr Goran Radonjic (FRA)

Mr Zsolt Hartyani (HUN)

Mr Reuven Virovnik (ISR)

Mr Gjorgi Piperkov (MKD)

Mr Sergey Fomin (RUS)

Mr Ales Kamnikar (SLO)

Mr Petr Sudek (SVK)

Mr Emin Balci (TUR)


The Technical Commission shall have the following duties:

a) To train international commissioners and referees in Europe in co-operation with the national federations and FIBA.

b) To train national and international referees instructors and evaluators, in co-operation with the national federations and FIBA

c) To examine and prepare proposed amendments to the Official Basketball Rules to be submitted to FIBA.

Implementation of listed responsibilities means preparation and organisation of clinics for the different target groups of officials in cooperation with the FIBA Europe Competitions Department and the National Federations. The Technical Commission prepares the agenda and recommends training tools and lecturers.

First and most importantly, the Clinic for International Referees is a Clinic for the FIBA Referee Candidates. The Technical Commission pays special attention to the organisation of Clinics for the Referee Candidates in Europe. For licensed FIBA referees the refreshment clinics are organised to improve their level of officiating. The Technical Commission has started to evaluate of referees during FIBA Official Tournaments.

The main goal of the training of commissioners and National Instructors is to ensure the smooth running of FIBA Europe international competitions and to achieve the FIBA philosophy of officiating and introduction of the Official Basketball Rules in all European Countries.

Basketball is changing continuously. The most important duty of the Technical Commission is to follow these dynamics, and in training referees to take into consideration all new trends in basketball.

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