RSS Feed EuroBasket 2013web@fibaeurope.comit@fibaeurope.comFIBA Europe CMS Welcome For French Champions2013-09-27T17:40:28ZHaving competed in more EuroBaskets than any other country, France had to wait for their 36th participation to finally lift the coveted trophy.{F06F6B7F-3795-4277-AEC8-3162110FD031}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{69CA1150-4524-4DD2-A252-5613AD8BA5E7}Process To Gain FIBA World Cup Wildcard2013-09-26T14:59:08ZFollowing the completion of EuroBasket 2013, 20 of the 24 nations who will compete at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain from 30 August-14 September are now known.{FEE55C5C-31B2-4EAC-B70A-B0DF54DE5870}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2015{AD01F93D-A7EC-4E6B-8C5D-DF97BB8AAA72}Cinciarini: Italy Will Be Back Stronger2013-09-26T14:51:59ZHistory is written by victors. Heroes, the kind of which epic tales have talked about since the beginning of history, always triumph. Professional sport is all about winning.{AF78F098-CE9A-4914-8EDF-78CD481F7635}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{17378CDD-6DEE-44B0-B150-224EC334E0DA}EuroBasket 2013: A Success2013-09-26T11:58:15ZOn the final day of EuroBasket 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, members of the Local Organising Committee and FIBA Europe met to summarise what had been a successful three weeks.{3453149D-CD22-4917-980E-31F3B32BA388}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{5085E76C-9BA2-42F1-9007-574C2F5B02F7}Top 10 Plays2013-09-26T11:45:26ZWith EuroBasket 2013 already part of basketball history, it's the time to take stock of the tournament's Top 10 Plays.,w90.articleMode_on.html{A9C75EE9-9B16-4E9B-84CB-9AD6B22B482A}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{1D3EAFFA-688A-49B6-9CBC-8642785FFA24}Tournament Wrap2013-09-26T11:37:47ZRelive all the action from EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia.{E3A42168-BE4B-4222-935B-ED8781C5E77B}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{C190F06C-24C0-45BA-8220-892C3800E8B3}Spanish Empire Prepares To Strike Back 2013-09-25T17:25:44ZSpain's players and coaching staff returned home from Slovenia with mixed feelings, after conquering bronze at EuroBasket 2013.{C7368FA7-356B-4548-872A-CF28CABDE937}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{6F0C9C80-FD04-44F4-AB18-079891C363AF}Hero's Welcome In Vilnius2013-09-25T12:52:34ZHoardes of Lithuanian fans turned out in the country's capital Vilnius on Monday to welcome back the EuroBasket 2013 silver medalists.{0D8D8721-ECFF-4DF6-B469-7B4463C35E03}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{9C518104-0AFC-457B-A029-DDFAD556F46D}Serbia, Ivkovic Part Ways 2013-09-25T11:05:13ZA five-year long journey came to an end on Tuesday for legendary tactician Dusan Ivkovic, who confirmed his decision to step down as head coach of the Serbian national team.,5JqHMEcyx9yJCFrX0.articleMode_on.html{9CCA640C-0369-498A-985E-ECBBD82ED36E}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{AA385DFC-54F4-4563-A6F3-B27C4CC3F584}France Pays Tribute To 12 'Magicians'2013-09-24T17:41:19ZOn sporting calendars across France, Sunday 22 September was initially earmarked as the day of the most eagerly anticipated football fixture in the first round of Ligue 1, between two of the richest clubs in Europe.{7A3BD869-A00F-49A4-98C7-50B6A000C0B0}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{84E67264-E3BB-4752-B289-B66FE5689C94}Next Steps For France With Parker, Collet 2013-09-24T17:40:54ZWithin 24 hours, Tony Parker realised one of the biggest dreams of his life and a big wish for the future.,3.articleMode_on.html{FEE55C5C-31B2-4EAC-B70A-B0DF54DE5870}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{77831706-63C7-477E-9C74-1DD94B9C5BFF}Top 5 Plays 22 September2013-09-23T11:14:07ZEnjoy the top 5 plays from the final day of action at EuroBasket 2013.{74B6DF98-C150-4B55-A39A-1C3F3D7AA722}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{3CE5208E-7CF1-4DBE-88EA-136FD9922AEE}All Tournament Team Highlights2013-09-23T11:07:00ZTony Parker highlights the All Tournament Team of EuroBasket 2013 after gaining MVP honours with outstanding performances throughout the tournament.{B740FF5C-336B-474A-AC2E-0C17E0274676}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{6D375B99-2297-48AC-BCD1-68D4C6D519C6}France-Lithuania Final Highlights2013-09-23T10:25:58ZFrance capture their first-ever EuroBasket gold in dominant fashion.{9F39C6BA-D572-448A-AC0E-676CBC6CC549}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{DC32F248-1316-4DF1-B50B-B8C11C9285A2}Experts' posed the big questions to three of their journalists who will covered EuroBasket in Slovenia, prior to the tournament beginning. Now they give us their opinions of how the tournament went.{3A87AA17-A425-48DD-8898-2E7EC1F84D70}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{F671751B-43D2-4461-8479-EC19DC8048DE}Parker Headlines All Tournament Team2013-09-23T11:24:38ZOne of the most prolific players in the history of European basketball departs Slovenia on Monday with the medal he dreamed of all his life and an individual award he deserved throughout his decorated career.{B740FF5C-336B-474A-AC2E-0C17E0274676}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{29F1B377-0674-477C-8AB3-D205E310CBC9}French Claim Maiden Gold2013-09-23T10:22:25ZFrance ascended to the top of Europe for the first time in their history by beating Lithuania 80-66 to win the EuroBasket 2013 gold medal - their first European title. Lithuania collected their second silver following 1995.,Gj6jTjCIyJQmt1.articleMode_on.html{A200B361-615D-42CC-AB09-DA73391A69FC}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{057877D1-9F3F-42D1-AD76-D312F136B0DD}Spain Leave Slovenia With Bronze2013-09-22T21:20:32ZTwo-time European champions Spain pulled away from Croatia in the second half and prevailed comfortably 92-66 in the battle for third place on the podium at EuroBasket 2013.{C0CF6BC1-8081-4988-9F98-21442E8BD80E}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{B1CD7E24-AB87-42AD-A23A-51CA5761E654}Spain-Croatia Highlights2013-09-22T21:10:24ZSpain cruise past Croatia, 92-66, to clinch bronze at EuroBasket 2013 to conclude a successful summer with eight medals out of eight at FIBA Europe events.{30D5BB86-1414-40B7-858B-264147F1471B}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{4793AE5E-F92F-4F02-ACC9-04584558B8B7}EuroBasket Handed Over To Ukraine2013-09-22T20:52:29ZBasketball fans got their first glimpse of the EuroBasket 2015 logo on Sunday evening at half-time of the EuroBasket 2013 bronze medal game between Spain and Croatia, followed by the official tournament handover ceremony.{B722348D-649F-44DD-97AD-1FD991BC42F9}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET 2013{2F746882-451B-48C6-B74D-619B82C3C424}