Sponsor category: Main Sponsor of EuroBasket 201

Panvita Group joined the EuroBasket 2013 project as an official supplier in the first half of December 2012. It will provide its products, especially from the meat industry for the participants of the tournament.

Panvita Group brings together companies whose activities are controlled and who promote the environmentally friendly production and processing of food from the field to the table.

Panvita Group's mission is reflected through the responsibility it shows in partaking in environmentally friendly food production practices and sustainable animal fostering. Panvita Group's products derive prominently from the Pannonian Plain where favourable weather conditions and fertile soil create perfection.

Panvita Group envisions becoming the leading food supplier on the Slovenian domestic market, and a major food supplier in Central Europe. Panvita Group consists of three interlinked branches: agriculture; meat and meat products; and Ecology and Energy.

In the area of food production, food products of Panvita Group are marketed under the brand name Panvita, while in the field of food processing Panvita Group products are marketed under the brand name, AVE.

AVE Grill is known for its excellent meat rolls (cevapcici), hamburger steaks (pleskavice) and grill sausages. AVE products have already received many gold medals and quality champion prizes. Brand AVE Grill offers the most diverse range on the market and each season some new products are added to the range.

AVE Chef products, which include pre-cooked and spicy fresh meats, are perfect gourmet delights in the fall and winter. With the majority of preparation for the AVE Chef range taking place in the butchery, only minimal preparation is required on the behalf of the consumer, making them the perfect selection for those short on time.

Ave Prestige is a sub-brand product produced according to old recipes in the traditional way. AVE Prestige Products are made from specially selected cuts of meat, with the maturation process slightly longer than with other products. All products from the AVE Prestige range have their own distinct taste that is respected by regarded meat experts.

In addition to these, Panvita offers several products that are designed for different individuals

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