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Champion is the Official and Exclusive apparel partner of FIBA worldwide. The partnership between Champion and FIBA has evolved significantly over the years and will soon represent an association spanning more than 20 years.

Champion has always had its roots firmly set within the sport of Basketball. Since its early involvement with American College Basketball in the 1920s, through to its association with FIBA and the Global events we see today, Champion continues to support and promote the sport of Basketball; both at an Amateur and Professional level.

With European Headquarters in Italy, including a product design, development and sourcing centre in Florence, Champion is a leading designer, marketer and distributor of athletic apparel, team uniforms, footwear and accessories across 60 countries in the territories of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Champion's distinct brand image, which dates back to 1919, is defined by an American athletic heritage and a reputation for providing innovative and durable products for male and female athletes and teams throughout the world for a wide variety of sports.

Champion holds a number of strategic Partnership and Outfitting Agreements, and as well as being the Exclusive Apparel Partner of FIBA Worldwide through 2016, it is also the Exclusive Technical Sponsor of the Hellenic Basketball Federation (HBF), and the Exclusive Technical Sponsor of the Italian Basketball Federation (FIP).

An aggressive retail development strategy implemented by the Champion Group has resulted in its products being further marketed in nearly 150 Champion stores across EMEA and also 51 Game 7 Athletics stores in Italy, all wholly-owned. The multi-brand Game 7 Athletics store chain consists of over 50,000 square metres of net sales surface and retails a selected number of leading sports brands.

Champion employs more that 2,000 people, working across 20 different countries.

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