Celje retains signs of its medieval heritage

Surrounded by hills in the centre of Slovenia, Celje is a pleasant town situated on the river Savinja. The town is proud of its natural surroundings, as well as it rich cultural heritage.

The Celts were the first settlers in the region now occupied by modern-day Celje, building a settlement named Keleia. The Celts selected the region based on its favourable geographical position, climate and abundant fauna.

The Celts were followed by the Romans who renamed the settlement Celeia. At that time Celje received municipal rights, the first of several important milestones in the town's history. Under Roman guidance, the city became a vibrant commerce centre.

The next important milestone in the history of Celje was the regime of the Counts of Celje in the medieval age. The counts successfully reshaped the European political map of the time. After the death of the last Count of Celje, the city was surrendered to the Habsburg Empire and became a prominent Slovenian renaissance centre.

The social and political events that followed the renaissance period caused many changes in the development of the town. The major turnaround came with the arrival of the railroad, which connected Celje to Northern and Western Europe.

Modern-day Celje successfully retains its medieval heritage within a modern urban environment. The streets are still paved with cobblestones as a reminder of the region's Roman past, whilst castles and remnants of the Old City wall from later periods are still prominent in and around the town. The city is now an important centre for its immediate surroundings, acting as the business, educational and medical hub of the Lower Styria region.

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9. Nika Baric (Slovenia)
Nika Baric is a famous export of Athlete Celje

Celje's women's basketball club, ZKK Athlete Celje, has been the driving force of Slovenian women's basketball and is one of the most respected women's basketball clubs in former Yugoslavia. Many players, that now play in big clubs across Europe, have played for the club. 2010 FIBA Europe Young Women's Player of the Year Nika Baric made the switch from Celje to five-time EuroLeague Women champions Sparta&k Moscow Region Vidnoje. She is also the first player from Slovenia who was selected in the WNBA draft.

On the other hand, Celje has not had a men's club in the Slovenian Telemach League for a significant period of time, but in the immediate surrounding area, there are a number of clubs with a rich basketball heritage, such as Zlatorog Lasko, current Slovenian champions Tajfun Sentjur and Hopsi Polzela. These clubs have nurtured household basketball names such as Beno Udrih, Bostjan Nachbar and Sani Becirovic. The famous coaches Zmago Sagadin and previous Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia head coach Ales Pipan also hail from the region.

Celje also played host to Group C of EuroBasket 2013 with Spain, Georgia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland and Slovenia calling the city home for a week.


Celje retains its medieval traditions

Do not be fooled by the size of Celje, a city small in stature but big in soul. From magnificent architecture that hints at the rich past of the city; romantic hidden streets; and an abundance of galleries, museums and theatres; there is no shortage of diversity and variety.

The memory of the Counts of Celje is still alive at the Old Castle ( which dominates Castle Hill and offers a beautiful view over Celje and its surroundings. Here you can relive the past with medieval feasts

Taking the "Celeia - town under the town" tour archaeological exhibition, you can experience Celje during the antiquity period, as well as walk on a preserved ancient Roman road. 

At the prince's mansion, the former residence of the Counts, and later, during the 14th and 15th century, the Princes of Celje, you can take a look at the permanent exhibition named "The Counts of Celje".

Both the archaeological exhibition and the prince's mansion are maintained by the regional museum (, which is renowned for the fantastic 17th century Celje ceiling located in the gala hall of the Old Manor House.

Celje by night
Celje by night

The Celje Museum of Recent History ( provides an exhibition named "Living in Celje". Here you can walk along a reconstructed craftsmen's road, taking you back to a period when handicraft in the town was flourishing.

Admirers of modern art should not miss exhibitions at the Likovni Salon Gallery and Gallery of Contemporary Art (

Celje is a friendly place for families, offering a variety of activities for children of all generations: puppet shows; Halloween events; carnivals; holiday workshops; open-air games; and the one-of-a-kind children's Wonderland. You can also visit the only children's museum in Slovenia - Herman's Den, which is located inside the Celje Museum of Recent History (

Everyone who values untouched nature can visit the surrounding hills by foot or by bike. The Celje Hut, a popular skiing centre during winter, is particularly attractive. In the summer, you can enjoy several sports activities such as hiking, biking and luging (

The city is also unique for Šmartno Lake (, which is within walking distance from the city centre, providing a green suburban oasis. Thanks to the intact nature and allure for all generations, it continues to increase in popularity with excursions and tourists. You can walk around the lake past the ship, "Queen Of The Lake" and the magical houses of Zelen'dol.

Parking In Celje

Celje Arena

Capacity: 5,200 

Address: Opekarniška cesta 15, 3000 - Celje


Population: 49,682

Size: 94.9 km²

Official Website:


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is a hub in the region and connects Slovenia with the rest of Europe and the World. It is the central point for regular airlines and charter flights. It offers direct connections to destinations in 15 of the 23 visiting countries at EuroBasket 2013. Jože Pučnik Airport is only 90 km from Celje.


Local transport schedules


By Car:

Located 75km north-east of Ljubljana, Celje is a short detour off the A1 highway which connects Ljubljana with Maribor, a further 65km north-east of Celje. The exit from the A1 to Celje is clearly marked. The journey from Celje can be comfortably completed in an hour.

By Train:

Celje is connected to most major Slovenian cities by train. The journey from Ljubljana varies from between one and two hours. Prices of the tickets start at 6,60 euros for one direction. The journey from Maribor varies from 45 minutes up to an hour. Ticket prices begin at 5.48 euros for one direction.

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Restaurants Address
Gostilna Amerika Mariborska cesta 79
Taverna Carraro Opekarniška 15a
Gostilna Franci
Zagrad 77
Gostilna Matjaž
Gosposka 16
La Storia
Glavni trg 12
Hotel Evropa
Krekov trg 4
Okrepčevalnica Konoba Dalmacija Linhartova 8
Stari pisker
Savina ulica 9
Restavracija Dolma Teharje 23
Loving Hut Celje Linhartova 7
Pivovarna, pivnica, picerija Diavolo Mariborska 118
Koper Gubčeva 3
Marco Polo Ljubljanska 7
Picerija Picikato Teharje 21


Cafes and Bars
Branibor pub
Stanetova ulica 27
Evropa cafe Krekov trg 4
Hiša priboljškov KUBA KAFE Prešernova 16
Hiša priboljškov CUBA LIBRE BAR Gubčeva ulica 6
Kavarna Pri Nejcu Trg Celjskih knezov 3
Kavarna Miško Knjižko Muzejski trg 1
MCC Kavarna Celjski mladinski center, Mariborska c. 2
Vrtnica Malgajeva 2a
Kino Metropol Stanetova 15
Oaza Glavni Trg 3
Club local Trg celjskih knezov 10
Jazz pub Ljubljanska 7
Špital Slomškov trg 5
TamKoUčiri Gosposka 1a
Hiša piva Celje Gubčeva 8
Kavarna Gallus Ljubljanska cesta 1b
Kavarna in slaščičarna Leonardo
Gosposka ulica 10
Pivnica Friderik - slaščičarna Veronika
Cankarjeva 1

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