Guidelines for the Use of Marks

MEDIA GUIDELINES FOR USE OF OFFICIAL EVENT MARKS for EuroBasket 2013 and EuroBasket Women 2013
Official Event Marks
FIBA Europe, the European governing body for basketball, has sanctioned the following names, event logos, mascots, trophies, slogans and songs (defined as the "Official Event Marks"):
  • EuroBasket 2013, EuroBasket 13, EuroBasket (always with capital E and B)
  • EuroBasket Women 2013, EuroBasket Women 13, EuroBasket Women (always with capital E, B and W)
  • Event Logos of EuroBasket 2013 and EuroBasket Women 2013
  • Event Mascots of EuroBasket 2013 and EuroBasket Women 2013
  • Event Trophies of EuroBasket 2013 and EuroBasket Women 2013
  • Official Event Slogans of EuroBasket 2013 and EuroBasket Women 2013
  • Official Event Songs of EuroBasket 2013 and EuroBasket Women 2013


The media is encouraged to use the Official Event Marks for non-commercial purposes and for their editorial articles subject to the conditions set out below.

Non-commercial use of the Official Event Marks
The media may use the Official Event Marks within or adjacent to non-commercial, editorial articles about or in relation to the EuroBasket 2013 and/or EuroBasket Women 2013 in accordance with the basic guidelines set out below. By downloading the Official Event Marks you agree with the terms and conditions set out below.

Commercial use of the Official Event Marks

The Official Event Marks are protected in most countries around the world by trademark registration, copyright and/or intellectual property laws. Use of the Official Event Marks for any commercial purpose is reserved for the Local Organising Committees, FIBA Europe Properties, FIBA Europe, FIBA, FIBA Europe's and FIBA's commercial partners.

No other entities are allowed to use the Official Event Marks for any commercial purpose including but not limited to, the sale, advertisement, or promotion of any goods or services.

Basic guidelines for non-commercial use of Official Event Marks:

  1. The Official Event Marks must not appear in such a way as to suggest an association with anyone's trade name, logo or other marks or their goods and/or services.
  2. The Official Event Marks must not be used in a commercial or promotional manner, including (without limitation) in any advertising campaigns, on any products, in any competition, game, lottery or other type of contest unless approved by FIBA Europe.
  3. The Official Event Marks must not be used in such a way as to give the impression that the message is in any way "official" or endorsed by FIBA Europe, FIBA Europe Properties or the Local Organising Committee.
  4. The Official Event Marks must not be altered, animated, cropped, enlarged or used disproportionately in size to any other material appearing on any media. They shall always be reproduced in its complete form, with no modification to any of the elements or to the spacing between them.
  5. The event logo must always be used in its complete form and must include the FIBA Europe logo. Parts of the event logo must not be used separately.
  6. The colours of the Official Event Marks must not be modified. In case of print in black and white, it is mandatory to use the logo in black and white scale. In case of colour print, it is mandatory to use the logo in colour scale. The usage of full colour version is mandatory; however, the serigraphy version can be also used when justified by application.
  7. The event logo may only be proportionately reduced to a minimum of 1.2 cm width.
  8. The words "EuroBasket" and "EuroBasket Women" must not be used in any domain names. For example, the creation of "", shall not be allowed. In addition, these words must also not be incorporated into a URL identification which precedes the domain name for use in relation to websites or web pages. For example "" is not permitted.
  9. The Official Event Marks may be used on websites as a link to "" and ""; it must not be used as a link to any other website, any other part of a website, or any other feature of a website (e.g. multimedia and games).
  10. The Official Event Marks must not be used as part of the overall structure or design of a printed page or website. This includes (without limitations) the usage of the Official Event Marks as part of the background, in a fixed position or in a recurring/repetitive way.
  11. FIBA Europe reserves the right to change or add information and/or guidelines relating to the use of the Official Event Marks and the respective party shall comply with any information and/or guidelines.

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> Download "Use of Official Event Marks (EuroBasket 2013 and EuroBasket Women 2013) by National Federations"

For further information, please contact FIBA Europe at

By clicking on 'I accept' below you are agreeing to use the official event marks only in accordance with the guidelines.

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The Media Accreditation process for EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia, September 4-22, is now open.

In order to be considered for EuroBasket 2013 Media credentials, you must represent a bona fide media organisation that produces and publishes original content.

Applications for media credentials by club representatives; agents; book or educational booklet authors; fan bloggers; or media that do not produce original content based on the general news gathering criteria will not be considered.

Freelancers (writers, photographers and videographers) may be asked to prove that they are on assignment with a media outlet in order to be considered for credentials.

Credentials will be awarded on the basis of the professional history of the applying media, relevance to the event and basketball in general, and space availability in the different venues.

Procedure: Media individuals and organisations wishing to apply for credentials will have to do so through FIBA Europe's Media Centre ( Those media that do not already have a profile with the Media Centre will need to first create one before completing the application.

Creating a profile or logging on to a previous existing account is not an application in itself; applicants are required to complete all steps.

All accreditation applications will have to be approved by FIBA Europe; by completing the form you are NOT automatically guaranteed accreditation.

Photo ID: A valid, electronic version of a portrait photo (headshot) of the applicant must be uploaded during the procedure. This is a requirement and applications that do not include a valid photo will not be processed.

Corporate users: All organisations that need to apply for a big number of accreditations (e.g. TV rights-holders) need to send an email to requesting the set up a corporate user's account or the activation of their account for the upcoming event (for already registered users).

Deadline: The deadline for submitting applications is April 30.

Accommodation: The Slovenian Local Organising Committee offers Media Accomodation in selected hotels. More details of how to apply for media accommodation can be found during the application process.

Help: If you require further assistance please contact the Media Dept. of FIBA Europe

The allocation of media accreditations is the responsibility of FIBA Europe in cooperation with the Local Organising Committee of EuroBasket 2013.



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