Jesenice Fan Zone In Stara Sava

The official Fan zone is located in Stara Sava in Jesenice, where the ironworks tradition of the city is clearly visible. Stara Sava is connected with a square, which has been renovated and is becoming the new centre of social events in Jesenice, a place to gather and meet people.

Not long ago, Stara Sava was named the third-most beautiful town centre in Slovenia. The official fan zone will give everyone the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of a basketball holiday and will offer them the opportunity to see the games on a big screen. Nearby there are parking spots, which are connected through the official fan zone to the Podmežakla Sports Hall. In front of the main entrance to the official fan zone (bus station Stara Sava), there will be a "hot-spot" for all the fans and visitors to the games in Podmežakla sports hall and they will have the opportunity to park their cars there.

The official fan zone will be open from 12am until 2am on game days and on 3rd September from 6pm onwards. The entrance to the official fan zone will be free of charge during the games in Podmežakla sports hall, whilst on 3rd September during the opening ceremony tickets will be €10 and on the 7th September - when no games are being playing in Jesenice - tickets to the fan zone are €15.

With the aim of providing fun, positive energy and a casual atmosphere, an entertainment program has been selected to satisfy all tastes.


3rd September - Official opening ceremony of the fan zone
- Concert: Modrijani, Rock Partyzani, Manca Špik and Lajf Band

4th September - Concert: Calypso and Dar Mar

5th September -  Concert: Ansambel Saša Avsenika

6th September -  Concert: Zoran Predin & CoverLover, Magrateja

7th September -  Concert of the week: DJ Jašarev, Leni Kravac, Luna, S.A.R.S., Tabu and Neda Ukraden

8th September -  Concert: Stino and Manouche

9th September -  Concert: Zahod and 80's Band