We offer various instructions for fans travelling EuroBasket 2013, which are meant to ensure safe and good feelings amongst all visitors. We ask all visitors to show mutual respect, because only together can we contribute to excellent organisation and satisfaction of everybody.

The organisers want to remind foreign visitors to enter the country with a valid visa (if necessary) and that if they stay in Slovenia for more than three days in non-tourist accommodation; they have to register at a police station.

Ticket offices opening hours can be found here. Tickets can be paid for in cash (Euros), by debit cards, bank cards (Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express) and the mobile payment system Moneta. Visitors will not be able to enter the arenas with the voucher they received when ordering tickets. Before the game, the voucher needs to be exchanged for the appropriate tickets.

Children under the age of five will be allowed to enter the arenas free of charge, but cannot claim their own seat and should sit on their parents' lap.

In case a visitor owns a forged ticket, or a person is carrying somebody else's accreditation, the police or security service will withdraw the ticket/accreditation.

The EuroBasket LOC reminds all visitors to pay attention when buying tickets, as at big sports events such as EuroBasket, various forged tickets are bound to appear on the market. Therefore it is advises buying tickets exclusively at authorised sales points:

  • Ticket offices of Eventim in front of the arenas (working hours HERE)
  • Ljubljana Citypark Ticket Point
  • Celje city centre Ticket Point
  • Maribor Europark Ticket Point
  • Eventim Tivoli Hall
  • Šiška Cinema, Ljubljana
  • Križanke, Ljubljana,
  • EuroBasket 2013 Info Point in Taverna, Koper.
  • House of Sports, Ljubljana.


FIBA and FIBA Europe have returned a number of tickets for the (sold out) games of Slovenia in the First Round, to the LOC. The LOC will put those tickets back on sale with the desire to give as many fans as possible the opportunity to attend the games. They will be available on match days at Eventim's Ticket Office in front of Celje Arena.

Tickets for all other games are still available, including Slovenia matches in the Second Round (12th, 14th and 16th September), quarter-finals (18th or 19th September) and semi-finals (20th September), which will be scheduled for 21.00 in any case, regardless of the current schedule on

Tickets for other games to the event, except the final, which is currently sold out, are also still available. Tickets for the final might again become available on the game day if FIBA and FIBA Europe will not use all of them.

All ticket holders are asked to pay attention, not only to the name of the game, which is written on the ticket, but also to date and hour. This is especially important in the Second Round of the tournament, because many tickets for the games in this round have the same text written on them, with only the date differing.

Tickets and accreditations will be checked with E-Ticket readers, which means that the flow of visitors into the arenas will be slower than usual, so the LOC recommends to enter the arenas at least an hour before the beginning of a game. The entrance to the concourse will be possible 75 minutes for the game and the entrance to the arena 60 minutes before the game.

Security personnel will check clothes and luggage of visitors at the entrance of the arena, using metal detectors. Bringing drinks and food will not be permitted. Drinks will be sold in plastic cups. It is not allowed to sell and drink alcohol at a EuroBasket 2013 venue.

Since all tickets for EuroBasket 2013 are single-game tickets, the organisers will empty the arena at the end of each game. Therefore visitors are kindly asked to leave the arena as soon as possible after the end of each game, so that it can be adequately prepared for the next game.

It will not be allowed to bring the following objects and animals to the matches:

  • Weapons, cold weapons and explosives
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Poles for fan banners
  • Gas dispensers
  • Alcohol
  • Sharp objects, umbrellas
  • Glass and ceramics
  • Food, drinks
  • Plastic bottles
  • Fan products such as rattles, vuvuzelas and others*
  • Insulting banners
  • Hard objects (stone, wood, metal...)
  • Professional photo cameras, video cameras, lap top computers,
  • Animals of any kind


* - Some requisites will be allowed, but only after preceding announcement to Security And Safety manager Milan Germ (, at latest 48 hours before the beginning of the games.

EuroBasket 2013 branded signs will lead visitors starting on motorways or main city roads to the more than 200 parking areas, which are ready for the time of the event across Slovenia.

In front of and inside the arenas, visitors will be directed towards their seat by similar signage with many friendly volunteers always ready to assist.

Team Hotels will be secured and hotel guests will be the only ones allowed to enter.

In accordance with Article 62 of the Police Tasks and Powers Act the police may impose a measure of prohibiting a person from attending sport events to persons who have been caught committing an act that involves a breach of public order and peace with elements of violence or a minor offence under the law governing public gatherings, or an act that includes elements of a criminal offence with elements of violence, and if there is a risk that they will continue with the commission of such acts. The measure is first issued verbally for a period of one year, after which police officers serve the person with a written order, which is sent for judicial review to the competent investigating magistrate ex officio. Persons who have been issued the measure prohibiting them to attend sport events will not be allowed to enter sports facilities where matches will be held even though they have purchased tickets for matches. Police officers will be assisted by the organiser's security personnel in preventing these persons from entering the venue. 

Furthermore, if a group travels to a sports event and even before departure breaches public order at the place of departure or during the journey, police officers may order their travel to be interrupted or prohibit access to the venue of the sports event in accordance with Article 63 of the Police Tasks and Powers Act. The measure is issued verbally and the group may not continue their travel to the sports venue, even though they have purchased tickets. No formal document is issued in this case.

The police and the organiser request all visitors to not attend matches if intoxicated for they may be banned from attending the event in accordance with Article 25 of the Public Assembly Act, despite holding tickets. 

Visitors are requested to refrain from verbally assaulting the opposing team and their supporters, and to support their team respectfully. They should especially refrain from any violence whatsoever. No misbehaviour will be tolerated.

At every venue of the event first aid staff will be present. A first aid room open to all visitors of the games will be operational, equipped according to FIBA Europe standards and Slovenian Sports Law. There will be at least one doctor and one technician in the room at all times.

The LOC recommends all ticket holders to use public transport when travelling to games. In Ljubljana, ticket owners will have free public bus transport (LPP) three hours before and after the game. With the tickets, a discount will be available at Slovenian railways (You can read more about the discount HERE).

The LOC will, together with all spectators, collect bottle lids (and other packing) at the official fan zones and in front of arenas in specially marked boxes for the lids with the mark PP or PE, or any other recycling mark. The lids will be collected and sold to help three invalid people, Nika, Medina and Nina.

Visitors are asked by the organisers to leave the lids in these boxes, because they are aware of the fact that there will be a lot of lids collected at the event, which can be used to help those in need.

All restaurant and bar owners in the host cities are also asked to participate in the project and collect the bottle lids and bring them to the fan zones or arenas or to agree to a different kind of delivery via e-mail:

You can find more information at

The charity project "Donate your hand", which was organised this summer by Spar Slovenia in cooperation with the institute Anina zvezdica will also be running in September with EuroBasket 2013 also taking part in the project. Customers of Spar and Interspar will be able to donate for the basic needs of underprivileged families. The ambassador of the project is former NBA star and former captain of the Slovenian national team Rasho Nesterović, who invites everybody, who has an opportunity, to help.