Partner category: EuroBasket 2013 main sponsor and official insurer of the championship

Triglav Group joined the EuroBasket 2013 project in June 2013.

Zavarovalnica Triglav is the controlling company of the Triglav Group and the legal successor of Vzajemna, the first Slovene insurance company founded in 1900. For over a century, Triglav has guaranteed the financial future of its policy holders with its knowledge, experience and financial strength.

Zavarovalnica Triglav is the leading traditional insurance company in Slovenia. The key business pillars are insurance, asset management and activities supporting the fundamental financial pillars. The Triglav Group's core business, accounting for the bulk of its operations, is insurance. The Triglav Group is the leading insurance/financial group in Slovenia and one of the leading groups in South-East Europe. Covering a good part of Europe, as it is present in seven countries and eight markets, Zavarovalnica Triglav and its subsidiaries provide non-life, life, supplemental voluntary pension and health insurance. The insurance providers on the Slovene market are Zavarovalnica Triglav, Triglav Zdravstvena zavarovalnica and Pozavarovalnica Triglav Re. The Group provides insurance transactions in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. In terms of gross written premium, the Triglav Group ranks first among insurance groups in the Adria region and sixth in Central Europe, with a 22.1% market share. The Triglav Group is composed of Zavarovalnica Triglav as the parent company, 38 subsidiary companies and nine associated companies.

Triglav has been the driving force behind the formulation of consumers' needs and the satisfaction of market requirements for many years. Triglav is a highly recognised brand name that stands for quality, stability and trust. By following market trends, the Group offers user-friendly and useful services. Its main strengths lie in its high-quality, extensive network of insurance agents, reliable after-sales services, and above all the effective and rapid settlement of claims.
Dedicated to the mission of building a safer future, Zavarovalnica Triglav is a reliable business partner that proudly supports top-flight athletes and sports.

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