Sponsor category: Main Sponsor of EuroBasket 2013

Sintal Group joined the group of sponsors for EuroBasket 2013 as an official supplier at the beginning of December 2012.

During the event, Sintal Group will be responsible for the safety of all of the participants of the Championship, as well as assisting in terms of sponsorship. "Sports connects people, gives them a common goal, new energy and motivation. Besides that, such a project is a very important boost for the economy," said Sintal Group board president Robert Pistotnik.

Sintal Group is the largest company for private protection in Slovenia and reflects its mission in one simple sentence: Your security is our concern.

Sintal protects over 16,000 facilities across Slovenia. Size, competence and teamwork of the 1900-plus full-time employees, are quality assurance for the security of events, from small to big, such as EuroBasket 2013.

Sintal is the only security company providing security services throughout the country, and the only one with two of their own security-control centres. At the same time, it also develops security facilities and services, not just following global security trends, but also taking part in designing them.

The physical protection services of Sintal's security guards is very effective, as evidenced by their achievements. Since the group was established in 1991, more than 900 burglars have been handed over to the police by Sintal security guards. Rapid intervention has diverted further burglaries from taking place, as well as preventing the serious consequences of fires, water spills and further unsavoury incidents.

Experience, a sense of working with people, knowledge, and a dedication to work are the combining factors which have assured that Sintal Group have met their objectives for the past twenty years. With an eye toward the future, Sintal Group have clear visions of what they wish to achieve: to remain the most important security company in Slovenia; to establish themselves as one of the leading Slovenian companies in the field of building management; and at the same time develop and implement parallel services, related to its core branch.

Sintal has a proud tradition in providing security for events run by the Slovenian Basketball Federation, as well as being the first company to provide security in the Stozice Arena in Ljubljana, when Slovenia hosted Spain on 10 August 2010.

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