Nikolay Semashko Trophy

1999 EuroBasket Winners Italy
1999 EuroBasket Champions Italy

The Nikolai Semashko Trophy was named after Nikolai Semashko (1907 - 1976), former head of the Soviet State Sports Committee who served as the Vice President of FIBA from 1960 until 1976 and President of the Standing Conference of Europe (now FIBA Europe) from 1967 until 1976.The author of several technical guides about the strength and condition training of players also was an international referee from 1947 on. In 2007, he was enshrined as a contributor in the FIBA Hall of Fame.

The current trophy is the second version which was fabricated by German goldsmith Günter Schoebel in Bad Kreuznach / Germany in 1995. Following Germany's surprise triumph in 1993, former German Basketball Federation President Manfred Ströher convinced his fellow FIBA board members that the original trophy, used until 1993, did not fit the representative standards of a European Championship trophy any more and a remake was urgently needed.

Andrei Kirilanko with the trophy
Andrei Kirilenko with the Nikolai Semashko Trophy

Goldsmith Günter Schöbel was entrusted to create a new version of the storied trophy, using only the finest materials. He created a masterpiece of gold and sterling silver combined with jewels. The upper rim is decorated with 24 jewels. The stones, of which each one was used four times are garnet, amethyst, agate stone, malachite, yellow quartz and rock crystal.

2003 EuroBasket Champions Lithuania
2003 EuroBasket Champions Lithuania

The result was a goblet, 23 cm in height with a calibre of 35 cm at the top, weighing 18 kilos, resting on a solid platter of marble.

Since 1995 the trophy is used in its current design and was lifted in the air by basketball greats like Vlade Divac, Aleksander Djordjevic, Gregor Fucka, Dejan Bodiroga, Sarunas Jasikevicius, Theodoros Papaloukas, Andrei Kirilenko, Pau Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro just to name a few.

The 2013 EuroBasket Champions will be the 10th team holding the cup and the whole of Europe is waiting to see who will be crowned Champions of Europe in Ljubljana and lifting the Nikolai Semashko Trophy.

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