Volunteers At EuroBasket 2013 – Interesting Facts

Interestingly, the biggest number of applications came for team attachés, one of the areas of volunteering, where the fewest number of candidates were needed, but where the selected volunteers will be in touch with the players and the coaching staff of the teams. Most volunteers will be directing spectators (more than 260) and the second largest number are Media Volunteers (more than 200). The youngest accepted applicant is 11 years old, while the oldest who applied is 77.

As many as 21 countries will be represented at EuroBasket 2013 by volunteers. The most applications from abroad came from one of Europe's homelands of basketball, Lithuania, while geographical distance was not an obstacle for candidates to apply with one of the selected volunteers arriving in Slovenia in September is from Colombia.

Slovenia turned out to be an especially attractive destination for volunteers from abroad. The 625 applications that the organisers have received from abroad is a new record for EuroBasket events and most of the applicants from abroad did not volunteer to work in the cities where the national teams of those candidates will be playing, which is a proof, that seeing their team playing was not the only motive. Together, 2,536 applications were received with slightly over 1,000 chosen to work at the event.

Marko Milic, The Volunteers Ambassador

In the end of November, Marko Milic was introduced as the ambassador of volunteers at EuroBasket 2013. Milić is a legendary Slovenian player, who made 59 official appearances for the national team, which puts him in 8th spot amongst Slovenian national team players of all times.

Milic didn't want to hide the reasons that convinced him to accept the role of a volunteer: "I played in six EuroBaskets and one FIBA World Championship with the Slovenian national team and I remember that the most important thing about the organisation were the people who worked there. They were the hardest working amongst all and always very helpful. Besides that, they would always tell us some anecdotes. Therefore I am happy to offer my help in this important field of EuroBasket 2013."

"It is a very responsible task to be a volunteer, because with that you represent your country to foreign visitors. It's important for everybody to see, that they can rely on the volunteers and that they have a good sense of humour, so we can prove that Slovenians are not such reserved people, as some foreigners might think we are," said Milić, who will this time cheer for his former teammates only from the side-lines and at the same time indicate some good reasons, why many of you will choose to become part of this event as a volunteer.

Volunteers At Work

Why Become A Volunteer - All About Volunteering

Without volunteers, the organisation of major sporting events, such as EuroBasket 2013 would not be possible. They are important factors that are often key to a successful event in many areas such as transport, spectator information, accreditation and team services.

The features of a true volunteer are kindness, friendliness, reliability and flexibility. It is considered an advantage if one speaks foreign languages. Availability for as long as possible during the EuroBasket is another plus. Most, but not all volunteers are basketball fans, but all of them want to make an unforgettable experience.

Being a volunteer has many advantages. It brings significant professional experience that can serve as a stepping stone to employment. It is an opportunity to make new friends from Slovenia and abroad. Volunteers also have the possibility to meet potential business partners, as well as their basketball idols. Volunteering brings together people of different nationalities, age and religious beliefs. For the majority of Slovenians, this will be the chance of a lifetime to take part in the biggest sporting event in Slovenia's history.

Candidates, who are over 18 years of age, can apply. It is possible for younger candidates to apply too, if they are organised within a basketball club, with an older, responsible person. The organisers provide work equipment and food during working hours. Volunteers shall be responsible for their own travel expenses and accommodation costs.

Contact Info

Volunteer Operations Manager

Rok Bizjak

Tel.: +386 1 810 90 36
Mob.: +386 51 319 396

What They Say

"Voluntary work offers lots of advantages. I, too, started as a volunteer. First, in Lithuania, where I was part of the EuroBasket 2013 project and later at the 10th anniversary of FIBA Europe in Ljubljana. Because of my gained experiences from previous events I got the opportunity to work on the biggest sporting event in Slovenia - EuroBasket 2013."
Rok Bizjak, Volunteer Operations Manager

"In the U20 European Championship, I got the opportunity to work in the accreditation sector. The work was both insightful and fun. For me as a student of economics, this kind of work is beneficial, but it also proved to be much appreciated. As a volunteer I met so many people, including representatives of Eventim Slovenia, who offered me a student job."
Petra, Slovenia

"Our family is a basketball family. Acquired knowledge and past experiences are valuable and even today they bring us much satisfaction. We decided to volunteer so we could stay active, show our devotion to basketball, achieve something positive in our lives and help organising one of the biggest events in independent Slovenia."
Andrej, Kaja and Nejc, Slovenia

"If someone asked me how participating in EuroBasket 2011 changed my life I would say that it gave me responsibilities that I have never had, it built challenges that I have never thought I would be good at, it brought me a lot of fun, it gave me new friends, it revealed the beauty of basketball, that I have never experienced and finally - it made me a volunteer. So, no question that I liked EuroBasket 2011, I loved it:)"
Agnė, 25 years, Lithuania

"Eurobasket was one of the greatest experiences of my whole life. The chance to meet a few hundreds of Lithuanians and foreigners that also came to do this big job without any material reward and finding new friends and even roommates was probably the biggest reward that I could have expected. And the fact that I participated in the biggest event in Lithuania's history so far is something that I'll be proud to tell anyone even after many years."
Meilė, 21 years, Lithuania

"As the most significant event in Lithuania, EuroBasket2011 inevitably was something everyone wanted to be a part of. I am and will always be proud to say that I have been part of it, even if it was the tiniest one. The huge experience (it really helps to extend your limits and go beyond them), the adventures (trust me, they do happen) and the friends I have made compensate the most painful losses of my favourite team Lithuania. This makes the story of volunteering at EuroBasket 2011 worth telling over and over again. Try it yourself ;)"

Audrius, 21 years, Lithuania

EuroBasket for me was: 

E- energetic and enthusiastic volunteers;
u - unforgettable memories;
r -  rich and interesting conversations;
o - oh so great time
B - big, but successfull challenge;
a - amazing games and results;
s - smiling and warm atmosphere;
k - keeping moving all the time;
e - enormous experience;
t - truly the best chance for all people to participate!

Gabija, 21 years, Lithuania

"Being a volunteer during EuroBasket 2009 was a great event. I met the best European players. It was also a chance to meet great people associated with Polish and European basketball. I sincerely recommend to all involved in this type of show, because it is a wonderful experience that you will not forget for the rest of your life!
Agnieszka from Gdansk, Poland

"I'm so happy that I was working as a volunteer at EuroBasket 2009. It was an amazing experience for me. I met many great people and I had the possibility to see how basketball games look from up close. I had the possibility to do what I liked - helping people while also practicing my languages skills. I would do it again for sure."
Kasia from Bydgoszcz, Poland

"Because basketball is my favourite sport, EuroBasket 2009 was one of the best experiences in my life. Now, I know how the organisation of a large-scale event works. I am a student of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk and in the future I would like to be a manager of sport, so maybe I will organise similar events like the EuroBasket!"
Katarzyna from Gdansk, Poland