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Laško Group joined the pool of EuroBasket 2013 sponsors as an Event Supplier in the second part of March 2013.

Laško Brewery is the leading Slovenian brewery, which has been innovating and offering brands with added value throughout its history for its customers and shareholders.

The beginnings of Laško Brewery date back to 1825, when mead producer Franz Geyer opened a small brewery in the former Valvasor špital. Heinrich August Uhlrich, who bought the brewery in 1838, brought made Laško famous. He offered it to the customers in his spa Rimske Toplice and also sold it in Triest. His beer was known as far as Alexandria and Calcutta. Anton Larisch, the next owner of the brewery, built a new brewery at the foothills of Sv. Krištof in Šmihel, the largest in Styria at that time. He improved the quality of his beer and increased the capacity of the brewery. In 1889, after the company went bankrupt, the brewery was bought by the proud Slovenian and inventor Simon Kukec. He introduced a new type of beer - thermal beer, which still exists today in a slightly different form. Despite many successes, the Laško Brewery couldn't handle the tough competition on the market and in 1927, it was shut down. In 1929 the representatives of innkeepers' unions decided to build an innkeepers' brewery in Laško. After many obstacles, Pivovarna Laško d.d. was founded in 1938 and people started drinking Laško beer again. The brewery operated under German guidance during World War II and was demolished after the war. It was rebuilt quickly afterwards and started working again in 1946, but the economic situation wasn't favourable in the first decade after the war. Brighter times came after 1956, which could be seen both in sales and technological development. A long period of growth was ahead of Laško Brewery, which was stopped in 1991, when former Yugoslavia fell apart. The brewery lost a large market and suffered a big decrease in sales. Thanks to previous investments into infrastructure, the operations of the brewery were undisturbed and in 1994 the company already sold more than one million hectolitres of beer. With constant investments, the Laško Brewery came to the point, where it could compete with any other modern European brewery on a technological field. With capital connections and coordination of operations within the beer and soft-drink industry, the company successfully optimised its operations.

Today Laško Brewery develops its business with one main goal: to offer its customers the best possible beer and to supply the market perfectly at the same time. With modern brewing technology, computer-processed controlling and business informatics it develops suitable production and marketing programmes, which ensure a high quality of beer and other products and therefore strengthen its popularity among domestic and foreign beer lovers.

Laško Brewery is aware of the importance of the environment in which it operates and therefore places special attention to social responsibility, which can be seen in sponsorships and donations. Sponsorships are directed mostly into sports marketing, but the company also supports culture - e.g. the Slovenian music project maecenas, education, scientific projects and different stand-alone projects. The brewery is grateful to the people of Laško, who gave soul to the brewery and that is why the brewery as a socially responsible company strongly invests into the local infrastructure and cultural heritage of the town. A special place belongs to the protection of the environment, as the company follows the footsteps of sustainable development and keeps investing into technologies and devices, which prevent the overburdening of the environment with industrial omissions.

In 188 years of its existence Laško Brewery grew from a local brewery into the leading beer producer and, together with other companies of the Laško Group - Union Brewery, Radenska and Vital, it became the leading producer of mineral and natural waters and soft-drinks in the Slovenian market. The goal of the group is to strengthen the reputation and increase the market shares of its brands, in both the domestic and foreign markets.


Union Brewery

Union Brewery has developed into a modern company in the one and a half centuries of its existence. It produces high-quality drinks which follow the standards of the world market and at the same time develops and discovers new trends to fulfil the needs of the most demanding consumers.

The beginnings of the brewery date back to 1864, when Peter Kosler, together with his brothers, established the biggest brewery in Carniola at that time. The brewery sold its beer even abroad, from Italy to Alexandria. In 1909 it was remodelled into the joint stock company Union, in which the Austrian breweries Göss, Puntigam and Reininghaus held their shares. With the acquisition of smaller breweries in Ljubljana, Kočevje, Škofja Loka, Vrhnika, Žalec, Maribor and Laško, it became the largest brewery on Slovenian territory. In 1923 a factory for the production of baking yeast and a spirit factory were built. The latter was disbanded in 1950. After World War II, the brewery was nationalised and started producing special stronger beer types, which were also exported after 1965, starting with the Italian market. In 1987, a Brewery museum was established inside the brewery and two years later a new type of beer was introduced to the Slovenian market - the non-alcoholic beer brand Uni. The brewery again became a joint-stock company in 1991 and grew into a modern European brewery. The next years brought the development of new products. The brewery started the production of the non-alcoholic drink Sola, the natural water Zala, Radler, which is a mixture of beer and non-alcoholic drinks of various flavours and ZA, a programme of flavoured waters.

The arrival of the new millennium brought a technological revolution. An automated, computer-controlled warehouse was built, as well as a new bottling room for the three most modern lines: bottling beer and non-alcoholic drinks into cans, aseptically bottling non-alcoholic drinks and water into plastic bottles and a line for bottling Zala into 18,9-liter balloons. The production of yeast was abolished. The company gained the ISO 9001 certificate. A number of changes occurred in the ownership of the company. Union Brewery took over Fructal d.d before Laško Brewery took over Union Brewery in 2005, beating the Belgian company Interbrew after a long conflict over the ownership of the brewery.

After Union Brewery became a part of Laško Group, the Union beer brand was modernized. Their sales-logistic centres were uniformed with the construction of new warehouses in Ljubljana and Maribor and with the introduction of a new informatics system, the business processes were uniformed too. In the recent past, Union Group sold Fructal d.d. and acquired two companies abroad, Birra Peja Sh.a., Kosovo and Birra Peja, Sh.p.k., Albania.

Union Brewery is aware of the importance of social responsibility. It introduced new plastic bottles that contain 20% of recycled material. Besides that it will look to rationally use raw materials and energy and decrease negative influences on the environment. The brewery is also a presenting sponsor of the basketball club Union Olimpija and is the official brewery of the Slovenian national football team. With lots of sponsorships, it helps Slovenian sportsmen to achieve great results.

Union Brewery wishes to retain the loyalty of consumers both on the Slovenian and foreign markets with its highly recognisable brands and to become the leading regional drinks producer who is socially responsible and aware of the environment. It will continue its development of innovative programmes, with which it will support changes and form new trends in the market.

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