Sponsor category: Main Sponsor of EuroBasket 2013

Fructal joined the EuroBasket 2013 project in December 2012.

Fructal is an innovative company with a distinctive reputation and tradition since its beginnings date back to 1945, when the Provincial Company For Export And Processing Fruit was founded. From boiler for cooking jams and tomato paste to the most modern production lines. From the brand Dvojni C to Frutiq. From sales in the former Yugoslavia to a global presence. The history of juices, drinks, nectars, fruit slices and baby food. This is the history of nature. This is Fructal.

The core values of Fructal remain quality and a positive attitude towards nature. It manufactures and successfully markets the highest quality fruit products and products of other fruits of nature. It creates partnership with consumers and a pleasant working environment for its employees. It is responsible to the environment. It wants to be a company, of which the local community and the public at its markets are proud of.

With its production programme and its expansion into the international environment Fructal is ranked among Europe's top producers in the industry. It upgrades its presence in target markets by building strategic alliances with related companies and the establishment of its own production and management units in target markets.

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