Sponsor category: Event sponsor of EuroBasket 2013

Petrol Group joined EuroBasket 2013 as an event sponsor in the begining of March 2013.

Beginning as a local oil merchant, Petrol Group has grown to become is Slovenia's biggest energy importer and supplier, subsequently making them one of the biggest trading companies in the country.

As part of their role in Slovenia, Petrol are a  comprehensive provider of energy and ecology services. This includes the marketing of gas, heating and electric energy. They are also undertaking major ecological projects and at the same time providing long-term renewable energy sources. Through its various services, Petrol covers the key 21st century fields of gas, oil, energy and ecology.

Petrol also has a wide network of gas stations that offer drivers everything they need for a safe and comfortable trip. With intensive investment, which is based on the modern concepts of gas station development; and the kindness and self-sacrifising work of its staff, Petrol maintains the greatness of its brand, services for its customers, and high market share. Besides that, it provides the economy, local communities and households with a comprehensive energy supply.

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