Zoran Dragic (Slovenia)

Zoran Dragic

Nationality: SLO
Born : 22.06.1989
Place of birth: Ljubljana (SLO)
Height: 1.96m
Position: GF

10.6Points per game
5.3Rebounds per game
0.9Assists per game

Current club:
Unicaja Malaga





  • » Ranks #8 in Free Throws Percentage (78.8%)
  • » Ranks #20 in 2 Pts Field Goals Made (2.9)
  • » Ranks #20 in 2 Pts Field Goals Attempted (5.9)
  • » Ranks #10 in Total Rebounds (5.3)
  • » Ranks #10 in Drawn Fouls (3.8)
  • » Ranks #9 in Offensive Rebounds (1.8)
  • » Ranks #13 in Field Goal Percentage (43.6%)
Zoran Dragic - EuroBasket 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Unicaja Malaga (Spain-ACB)
Career: Ilirija Ljubljana (Slovenia-2, 2004-05); Janče Ljubljana (Slovenia-2, 2005-06); Geoplin Slovan Ljubljana (Slovenia-1A, 2007-10); Krka Novo mesto (Slovenia-1A, 2010-12); Unicaja Malaga (Spain-ACB, 2012-13)

Throughout a solid maiden appearance at his first big event with Slovenia, EuroBasket 2011, Zoran Dragic proved himself as a very rational and constant type of player, averaging 8.1 points-per-game on the back of 54.5% field-goal shooting. He has a terrific basketball IQ and makes good decisions in terms of shot selection. He has great court vision and can see the open man in an instant, making him very handy playing at the point guard position, though he is better suited and more often used at the "2" and "3", as his leadership qualities and ability to control the tempo of a game, especially in a tight situation are a work in progress. He thrives on slashing to the hoop and can finish well in traffic. He is well known for his defensive skills and will be one of the key players in the squad of coach Maljkovic this summer. Is the younger brother of fellow national team member, Goran.


vs Czech Republic (W 60-62)240/30.00/10.00/20.03/475.02462021343
vs Spain (W 78-69)255/862.54/580.01/333.31/250.001110002312
vs Georgia (W 68-72)205/1050.04/666.71/425.01/250.012310004312
vs Croatia (L 74-76)283/1030.02/728.61/333.34/757.135821002511
vs Poland (L 61-71)201/425.00/20.01/250.02/2100.01120000335
vs Italy (W 84-77)247/1070.06/966.71/1100.00/00.0471111102215
vs Greece (W 65-73)253/837.52/450.01/425.04/4100.014521115411
vs Finland (L 92-76)162/825.02/728.60/10.03/475.02020110147
vs France (L 62-72)235/1145.55/862.50/30.02/2100.023500112212
vs Serbia (W 74-92)298/1266.75/862.53/475.04/4100.036911201623
vs Ukraine (W 69-63)252/1020.02/825.00/20.02/2100.01560110266
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points2319.09.2013 vs. Serbia30 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
07.08.2008 vs Georgia
Total Rebounds1112.09.2013 vs. Italy11 - 2 times
Assists23 times6 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
07.08.2008 vs Georgia
Steals22 times6 - U18 European Championship Men 2006
27.07.2006 vs Germany
Blocked Shots13 times2 - U20 European Championship Men 2009
18.07.2009 vs Russia
Minutes2919.09.2013 vs. Serbia45 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
07.08.2008 vs Georgia
Field Goals Made819.09.2013 vs. Serbia9 - 3 times
Field Goals Attempted1219.09.2013 vs. Serbia19 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
07.08.2008 vs Georgia
2 Pts Field Goals Made612.09.2013 vs. Italy9 - 2 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted912.09.2013 vs. Italy16 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
07.08.2008 vs Georgia
3 Pts Field Goals Made319.09.2013 vs. Serbia3 - 2 times
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted43 times6 - 2 times
Free Throws Made43 times12 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
07.08.2008 vs Georgia
Free Throws Attempted708.09.2013 vs. Croatia16 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
07.08.2008 vs Georgia
Offensive Rebounds412.09.2013 vs. Italy4 - 2 times
Defensive Rebounds712.09.2013 vs. Italy8 - 4 times



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