Federation Focus: Switzerland

02 July 2012

The Swiss Basketball Federation (Swiss Basketball) is one of the eldest of the 51 FIBA Europe member federations, as it was founded back in 1929. Switzerland takes special pride in being one of the eight countries to have founded the Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur, FIBA. On 18 June 1932, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, and Argentina signed the founding act, wishing to unify the rules and to meet the fast development of the sport of basketball.

In 2007, FIBA celebrated its 75th anniversary. Swiss Basketball honoured this milestone by hosting an exhibition game between the men's national teams of Switzerland and France. Approximately 7,000 basketball fans were in attendance, the biggest audience ever at a basketball game in Switzerland.

Exhibition game Switzerland vs France in Geneva to celebrate FIBA’s 75th anniversary
On 28 July 2008 an exhibition game between Switzerland and France was held in Geneva to celebrate FIBA’s 75th anniversary. The number of spectators (approximately 7,000) was the biggest ever for a basketball game in Switzerland.


The early years were the most successful for Swiss Basketball, as the Federation not only achieved the best results but also played host to Europe's premier competition. The first ever European Championship for Men took stage in Geneva in 1935, with the hosts finishing in fourth place. In 1946, the event once more was held in Geneva and this time Switzerland claimed fifth spot. In its history, the Federation organized two more men's tournaments, namely the European Olympic Qualifying Tournaments for Men in 1964 (Geneva) and in 1980 (Neuchâtel, Lucerne, Vevey, Lugano, Geneva).

Swiss Basketball does its best to enlarge the tradition and progress. A five-year strategic plan established in 2008 foresees the development and promotion of basketball on all levels - youth, amateur and professional. One of the main goals is to establish the national teams in European competitions. The last time a Swiss men's senior national team participated in the Final Round of a European Championship was in 1955. Switzerland has a new chance this summer, as the team takes part in the EuroBasket Qualification Round, aiming to qualify for the big stage in Slovenia next year.


Foundation of FIBA, 18 June 1932
Switzerland was one of eight countries to sign the founding act of the Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur, FIBA, on 18 June 1932.



Year of foundation: 1929
President: Stéfan Schibler
Secretary General: François Stempfel

Registered players:
- U18 Men: 5,500
- U18 Women: 2,000
- Senior Men: 3,500
- Senior Women: 1,500
Non-registered players:
- Junior: approximately 500
- Senior: approximately 1,500
Registered clubs: 200
Registered coaches: 600



1935 European Championship for Men in Geneva (Switzerland): 4th place
1938 European Championship for Women in Rome (Italy): 5th place
1946 European Championship for Men in Geneva (Switzerland): 5th place



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