Third International Camp For U15 Girls In The Books

24 July 2009

The summer is all about youth basketball at FIBA Europe and in many cases that takes the form of European Championships, but it also means getting younger players involved as is the case on Postojna, Slovenia where the 3rd FIBA Europe International Camp for U15 Girls has just wrapped up.

Players, coaches and referees from all over Europe converged on Postojna for third straight year and the quality of all three shows the positive effect of the camp on those who attend.

"The goal of the camp is really to encourage development at all levels and in all aspects of the game," commented FIBA Europe Women's Co-ordinator Radmila Turner.

 "It's not just about developing better players, but better referees and coaches as well."

The camp, organized with the help of the Slovenian Basketball Federation included basketball and fitness testing, skill training and various competitions and social events.

The camp concluded with an All Star Game, won by the team representing the West, as well as a three-point shooting, free throw shooting and 1-on-1 competition.

"I enjoyed myself immensely," said Sally Harris of England who was named the Coach of the Camp.

"Everyone was very friendly and enthusiastic, making for a great atmosphere."

"The standard of play from some of the girls was excellent. I came away from the camp realizing that I need to recruit some girls that are naturally athletic who I can teach basketball to, I then may produce some quality players."

Hulya Coklar of Turkey was named the MVP of the tournament while Caroline Gilling of Denmark took home the most improved award.

FIBA Europe Third International Camp for U15 Girls

MVP: Hulya Coklar (Turkey)

MIP: Caroline Gilling (Denmark)

Coach of the Camp: Sally Harris (England)

Referee of the Camp: Susana Gomez Lopez (Spain)

All Star Five: Irene Gari (Spain), Hulya Coklar (Turkey), Rocio Torcal Barba (Spain), Alexandra Maria Dumitrache (Romania), Ziva Macura (Slovenia)


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