European Basketball Professor Convention

FIBA Europe Head Of Operations Miguel Betancor and Alan Richardson in St Petersburg

The European Basketball Professor Convention will provide a forum for discussions and exchanges of information among basketball professors, investigators, institution's leaders, organisations and enterprises involved in basketball and anyone who has an interest in developing basketball from an academic point of view.

Its main goal will be to provide the possibility to exchange, promote and spread the experiences and results of the education and investigations in the field of basketball, how to form professionals in basketball as well as how to use the spare time in order to bring forward the development of basketball.

This international convention for basketball professors will also try to create an international education community around basketball in order to facilitate the exchange of basketball knowledge.

Main subjects:
• Basketball educational models
• Basketball researches
• Basketball development strategies
• Disabled people in basketball
• Basketball marketing
• Basketball event organisation
• Basketball high performance

The international convention for basketball professors program will be held through Masterly Conferences and Round Tables.

English will be used as official language of this congress.