7th Secretaries General Meeting And 4th Seminar Is Concluded

06 February 2011
FIBA Europe News

José Maria Buceta, Lecturer for Leadership & Coaching
Dr. José Maria Buceta delivering his elaborate presentation on Sunday

The 7th Secretaries General Meeting and 4th Seminar for National Federations came to a close on Sunday.

Presidents and Secretaries General of 33 FIBA Europe national federation members gathered in Munich on the weekend, in what participants unanimously pronounced the most successful edition of the two-fold event to date.

Over the course of two days, participants were encouraged to interact with the experts and form working groups to discuss their thoughts on the subject matters they were presented with.

Whereas the agenda on Saturday featured presentations on a wide array of topics, delivered by a number of both FIBA Europe and national federation experts, day two was reserved mainly for one of the world's leading authorities in sport psychology.

Michael Schwarz, FIBA Europe Coaching Co-ordinator
FIBA Europe Coaching Co-ordinator Michael Schwarz discussing the unified coaching license

Dr. José Maria Buceta's academic record includes a PhD in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. His professional career spans over almost three decades, during which the university professor worked at the Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney and occupied posts such as Director of the Real Madrid Sport Psychology department.

The leading Spanish scientist is also a qualified basketball coach and a published author (he co-wrote "Basketball for Young Players" in 2000, among others) and it's only natural that over the years he has collaborated extensively with FIBA Europe, delivering lectures or contributing as an advisor.

Mr Buceta's captivating presentation was entitled "Leadership in Basketball: Involving People to Grow". It focused on the concept of leadership within the context of national teams, event organising and basketball associations, but it also touched on leadership of external agents, such as sponsors or media.

The seminar concluded with a presentation on the unified coaching license, by FIBA Europe Coaching Department Co-ordinator Michael Schwarz.

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