FIBA Europe, Russian Federation Find Common Language

17 April 2011
Miguel Betancor and Alexander Krasnenkov
Miguel Betancor and Alexander Krasnenkov during their Moscow meeting

FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor was in Moscow in early April, to meet with the President of the Russian Basketball Federation, Alexander Krasnenkov.

The two men had several items in their meeting agenda and the discussion touched upon a vast array of issues concerning basketball in Europe.

"This was a very fruitful few hours of talks," explained Betancor. "The Russian Federation are very keen to work on many projects, they are very enthusiastic and motivated and that can only help raise the profile of the sport."

One of the projects discussed was the programme of the education of referees in Russia, on which the two sides found themselves in complete agreement.

"The idea is to build on previous planning about the education of all referees in the Russian territory, including the up and coming officials, not just the international ones," commented Betancor.

"The clear aim here is to prepare the future, a new generation of officiating in Russia."

Betancor has reiterated FIBA Europe's total commitment in contributing to this project and has promised the distribution of additional educational material to the Russian Federation.

Betancor also presented Kransenkov with the Digital Score Sheet technology (DSS). The Russian president was admittedly impressed with the software and its array of features and has warmed to the idea of introducing DSS to the Russian leagues.

To that purpose a delegation of Russian Federation experts is expected to travel to the EuroChallenge Final Four in Ostend, April 29 to May 1, to familiarise themselves further with the technology.

Betancor and Krasnenkov also touched upon the FIBA Europe UNIVERSITAS project. Previously Betancor has visited Moscow's Sport Academy to present the project while he is expected to follow up with a visit to its St. Petersburg equivalent very soon.


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