1993/1994 - Badalona's Revenge

When a game is on the line, anything can happen. A turnover, a missed shot, one second of doubt and a title can slip away from you. That’s what had happened to Joventut Badalona in 1992. A buzzer beater had ended their dreams of winning the Final Four.

But two years later, the Spaniards were back again. Their first opponent was neighbour FC Barcelona. The other semi-final also featured old rivals: Panathinaikos and Olympiakos. Joventut, coached by Zelimir Obradovic, who had guided Partizan to its 1992 triumph, easily dominated Barcelona thanks to the hot hands of Jordi Villacampa and Tomas Jofresa.

Olympiakos had its way with Panathinaikos as the best scorer of the competition, Nick Galis, was silenced by the remarkable defensive effort of Giorgos Sigalas.

Once again, the team with the best record in the regular season - Olympiakos - had made it to the final game. But once again, that same dominant team ended up losing in a breathtaking ending to the underdog. A three pointer had beaten Badalona in 92. In an incredible turn of
events, a three pointer would save Badalona in 94. Down by one with 19 seconds to play, Joventut found its hero when power forward Corny Thompson stepped outside to hit only his fifth three point shot of the season in fifteen tries.

Nonetheless, Olympiakos still had a chance to send the game into overtime. With less than five seconds to play, Zarko Paspalj was sent to the line. Unstoppable in the first half (15 points), Paspalj lived a nightmare afterwards, not scoring a single point. Under pressure he missed one free throw and a buzzer beating shot after a rebound that gave Badalona its long awaited European trophy.

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