1991/1992 - A Season Of Surprises

Although the 1991 season ended with an unforgettable third consecutive win for Split in Paris, the 1992 final was also a great one to remember. The departure of its superstar, Toni Kukoc, who left for Treviso, and the first signs of war which led to the team’s splitting up, had left the European champs out of the race.

That left powerhouses like Knorr Bologna, FC Barcelona and Joventut Badalona as the logical favourites. As a matter of fact these teams dominated the regular season and entered the playoffs with their eyes set on the Final Four. Yet, determined underdogs were waiting for them...

Barcelona was the first one to fall. In the quarterfinals, Milan’s dynamic duo made of Antonello Riva and Riccardo Pittis combined for an impressive 84 points in the two games.

The Catalans even suffered a humiliating elimination on their home court, the Palau San Jordi. Bologna was also upset in front of their fans in a decisive third game against Partizan. Although the Yugoslavs finished only fourth in Group B, they kept improving with every game thanks to young and promising players like Sasha Djordjevic and Predrag Danilovic.

Partizan even made it to the championship game against Joventut. With the best record in the regular season and an impressive 91-69 win in the semi-finals against Estudiantes,
Joventut seemed title bound. But it was time for the “hand of God” of Sasha Djordjevic to begin...

With 10 seconds left and the score tied at 68, point guard Tomas Jofresa scored on an acrobatic jump shot to give Joventut the lead. Partizan inbounded the ball, Djordjevic went coast to coast, stopped at the three point line and hit a shot that will be remembered for the rest of his career. 71-70, Partizan Belgrade had defied the odds...

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