About FIBA Europe

FIBA Europe is the governing body for basketball in Europe, one of five Regions of FIBA (along with Africa, Americas, Oceania and Asia). As the governing body, FIBA Europe is responsible for controlling and developing the sport of basketball in Europe. Among many tasks, this includes:

  • promoting, supervising and directing international competition at the club and national team levels
  • governing and appointing European international referees

FIBA Europe is an international federation whose membership consists of the national basketball federations of Europe, of which there are currently 52 members. The highest decision making body is the Board of FIBA Europe which consists of 25 persons elected by the national federations. The Board of FIBA Europe meets twice a year and is the executive body which represents all 52 Federations that make up the membership of FIBA Europe. All 52 federations meet once a year at the General Assembly of FIBA Europe.

Decision making
Ideas and changes in policy may be suggested at any time by members of the FIBA Europe family and discussed and decided on by the Board of FIBA Europe. However, several Permanent Commissions exist whose duty it is to be active in certain key areas of the basketball world. As such are the:

  • Competitions Commission
  • Technical Commission
  • Youth Commission
  • Women's Commission
  • Legal Commission
  • Finance Commission
  • Appeals Commission
  • Small Countries Commission
  • Special Advisers

The Commissions are given the task of studying the implementation of new ideas, which are put forward to the Board of FIBA Europe to decide on.

The Secretariat of FIBA Europe
The Secretariat of FIBA Europe is situated in Munich, Germany. The role of the secretariat is to administrate, promote and market the competitions run by FIBA Europe and to enact and implement the wishes of the national basketball federations via the Board of FIBA Europe.

FIBA Europe's mandate is to promote basketball throughout Europe and the supervision of competitions is a vital component of this task. These competitions range from the flagship national team tournaments, such as EuroBasket for Men and Women to mini-basketball. Here is an overview of the competitions administered by FIBA Europe.

National Team Club
EuroBasket Men and Women EuroChallenge (Men)
U20 European Championship Division A and B (Men and Women)  EuroLeague Women
U18 European Championship Division A, B and C (Men and Women) EuroCup Women
U16 European Championship Division A, B and C (Men and Women)  
U14 Tournaments (Boys and Girls)  
Mini-Basketball Tournaments   


FIBA Europe Meetings