Noah Pledges To Return

10 August 2010

Joakim Noah fully intends to play for France again despite pulling out of this summer's FIBA World Championship.

The 25-year-old confirmed last week he would not be in Turkey as focuses on securing a new contract with the Chicago Bulls and ensuring he is in shape following an injury last season.

But Noah, who also missed last summer's EuroBasket, said that once such distractions were out of the way, he would be keen to continue in the national team.

"I came off a pretty tough injury with the plantar fasciitis and we're negotiating my contract right now that's basically going to get me financially set for a little while so I can't really mess that up," he told ESPN Chicago. "My priority is definitely with the Bulls right now.

"The Olympics is something I'm definitely looking forward to, and it's really tough because I know the French team is playing in [Madison Square] Garden against Team USA [this Sunday in New York] and that's kind of something that I want to do.

"But I understand that [playing for the French national team] wouldn't be the right thing to do right now because I still came off a pretty tough injury and I want to be a hundred percent for the season."