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Serbia Youth Breaking Records03.08.2007
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Katrin Chiemeka: Basket And The City

I had a pretty thrilling start to my school break last weekend as I went for the first day of the LFB Open, Basket and the City 3, in Paris as a media member.

Immediately I noticed the hot atmosphere in the hall with loads of fans.

Serbia Youth Breaking Records

When Branislav Djekic pulled down an offensive rebound that secured Serbia's gold medal in the 2007 European U16 Championship, he probably wasn't aware that he was writing history.

In a period in time when the Serbia senior team is struggling to persuade its talented individuals to wear its colours in EuroBasket the youth generations prove that Serbia remains European basketball’s driving force.

Sviatlana Volnaya: Getting Ready For EuroBasket Women

I'm very happy that we made it to EuroBasket last year.

It was very exiting for all of us - you could not understand what was going on in the locker room after we had our final game last year against Greece at home. Champagne and cake everywhere! 

Arbel: Dream Serbian Generation Takes A Bow

July 16 is an important date in Sports History.

Some remember it as the day the 1950 World Cup finals in Brazil drew the largest crowd in sports history, nearly 200,000 fans.