Elisa Aguilar - Starting The New Year With A Bang

11 January 2007

Elisa Aguilar

Elisa Aguilar has been a Spanish national team regular since 1997. Born in Madrid, she started to play basketball at the age of nine and made her national team debut at the age of 21. Elisa has played in Valencia since 2002 and participated in the EuroLeague Women for four straight seasons. She was selected as a EuroLeague Women All-Star in 2005.

Happy New Year to everybody!

We could not have had better start in 2007 because we won the Queen’s Cup.

We played the Queen's Cup from the 5th to the 7th in Jerez (city in the south of Spain). The tournament includes the first eight teams who make it past the first round of the season.

Ros Casares head coach Manolo Real
Manolo Real
Before this tournament I just want to say that we brought in a new coach, Manolo Real. He is a men's coach, so everything was new for him. The club decided to hire him before we started practice after the Christmas break and it is always a tough time because we need to adjust him and he needs to get to know us. We started practicing with him the 29th and until we started the tournament I have to say that there were some very tough practices. We were playing really hard defense, running a lot and trying to get more intense.  And we really achieved our goal. Because when we get to Jerez we were the team who were supposed to win it.

But when you play just one game it could happen that you lose. We started against Extrugasa and won by 27 points. The next day, in the semi-finals, we faced Hondarribia and won by one point in a very exciting game. On Sunday we played against Salamanca in the final. We really did a good job and we WON.

A total of 975 had passed since Ros Casares won a big title, so you can imagine how happy everybody was. We celebrated in Jerez and after in Valencia. It is wonderful  when you can share all these feelings with team-mates, fans, friends, families etc…

One of the best things about Christmas time besides having a few days off is that everybody has time to go home and spend time with their families. Most of my team-mates spend New Years Eve together. I always celebrate that night with my team-mates as most of them are foreign and do not have friends or families around so I invite them to celebrate with me.

We decided to go to Marina Ferragut´s restaurant where her boyfriend Quique runs the restaurant exceptionally well and the food is incredible. I was very excited about midnight. Why? In Spain, we celebrate the New

Ros Casares Celebrate Copa Triumph
Ros Casares - 2007 Queen's Cup champions.
Year in a particular way… at midnight everybody has to eat one grape for the first twelve seconds and you have to finish it so you can imagine with 29 people looking at each other, trying to eat grapes on time is really funny. We did not party too much because the next day we had practice. But we still had a good time.

Another special day in the Spanish calendar is the night of the 5th of January. It is when the three kings (Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar) go to each house and deliver gifts for all the kids who behaved well during the year. A bad kid gets coal. During the afternoon of the 5th in each city the three kings go with a big carriage to the main street saying hello to the kids. In Valencia we have a very special kid - Francisco Ros. We  were in Jerez and we expected he was going to be with us in the Queen’s Cup but he called me and told me that they chose him this year. It is an honor to be chosen but the most important thing it is all the happiness  kid´s experience when they see the three kings. He told me it was one of the best experiences in his life. And because we did not want to have even one king without a gift….we brought the first title in 2007 to the Ros Casares Team!

I want to finish the article by saying something about Marina Ferragut. She is a great player and a great person. But if some music or movies producer needs a funny actress or a great dancer like Shakira, I have some goods videos of Marina!


22 November 2006

Hello again! It is already been one month since my last blog.

We are at the point in the season when we travel a lot and we spend a lot of time in the airports. When you have one week at home you are the happiest person in the world. This week I’m not happy because we have to go to Poland on Thursday (Margot Dydeck is the only who is  happy because she is going to see her family and niece). Then on Saturday we go to Vigo (it is a city in the north of Spain where you can find the best seafood).

The best thing is that we are winning. We are in the first place in the Spanish league and also in the EuroLeague. So all the travelling, practice and time away from home is easier to deal with.

I want to let you know that we are privileged because when we travel away in the Spanish league we have in a small plane that we call the “mosquito”. It has just 17 seats just for us and two for the pilots.

In the beginning, some of my team-mates were worried because it is small and when it is windy you feel the turbulence a little more than in a big plane. The first couple flights were very good so everybody was happy, laughing and talking during the flight. But we played in Madrid a couple weeks ago and there was a storm. The “mosquito” started to shake a little bit, so no one was laughing anymore. It was no more than one minute with turbulence but for some people from my team it was the longest minute ever.

Michael Jordan and Ros Casares players
Michael Jordan with Margot Dydek, DeLisha Milton and Allison Feaster.
When we got back from Madrid, there was a motorcycle race between two Spanish cyclists for the World Championship. The city was full of people and they were excited to watch the race. Also famous people go there and you can take pictures. One of those famous people was Michael Jordan. Of course three of my team-mates - Delisha Milton Allison Feaster and Margot Dydeck - like Michael Jordan so they wanted to take picture with him. The three of them plus Carmen Lluveras (general manager) went to the official practices and they had the opportunity to take a picture with him. The one problem was that the general manager did not know how to use the camera. She was pressing the bottom on/off button instead of the one to take the picture. Thankfully somebody else was there to take it because if not …. my teammates would’ve killed her.

I would like to make a CD of Laia Palau because she is taking a class for a weird instrument. It is called “Cajon” - at least that is how she names it. You are sitting on it and you use your hands to make some sounds and rhythms. I saw it in some flamenco shows. Every time she is coming from the class she is really happy so if I have the opportunity to see how she plays it I will let everybody knows if she is good or not. But I don’t know why I think she is talented….

I just want to say “see you”  to everybody. In my next blog I will tell you about the soccer game I am going to see on Sunday - Valencia against Real Madrid. Hopefully Valencia will win. I´m from Madrid but my team it is Atletico de Madrid so I’m cheer fom Valencia or whoever plays against Real Madrid.



19th October 2006

I would like to start by introducing myself. My name is Elisa Aguilar and I’m from Spain. I play for Ros Casares and also with the Spanish National Team. I have been playing basketball since I was nine years old and I just turned 30, so I have been involved with the sport for many years.

Ros Casares is a team that started around seven years ago in Valencia. Since its second year, it has been one of the best teams in the Spanish League. Ros Casares is a family’s name - they run a steel business. The oldest son, Francisco Ros Casares, is most involved in supporting the team.

Malgorzata Dydek (UMMC Ekaterinburg)
Margot Dydek is one of Aguilar's new Ros Casares teammates.

Valencia is one of the most important and beautiful cities you can visit in Spain. It is on the Mediterranean Sea, so it is quite a touristic place.

Also, the America’s Cup is being organised in Valencia since November 26th. If you ever decide to visit Valencia, you need to eat paella and drink horchata. The best time to come it is from 15 to 19 of March so you can see the Fallas incredible festival.

Getting back to basketball, the Spanish League is quite strong. We are 14 teams from around the country and the strong clubs are Ros Casares, Perfumeria Avenida en Salamanca, F.C. Barcelona and Hondarribia en Irun.

We have three titles to play for. The first one is the Supercopa, then the Queen Cup in January and finally the champion for the regular season. The Supercopa features the winner of the regular season playing against the winner of the Queen Cup.

Last year, Salamanca won both titles. We made it to the final in the Queen Cup so this is why we have the opportunity to play for the Supercopa. The Supercopa was held a few weeks ago in Salamanca. The gym was full - 4000 spectators! Even though the game was not very good, we won and we started the season with the first title in our pocket.

This is my fifth year with this team and this season I feel it is going to be amazing. I love the new players we signed. Elena Tornikidu, who is 41 years old, previously won five straight MVP awards in the regular season.

Delisha Milton is an incredible shooter and a strong rebounder. Laia Palau is quick and Noemi Jordana is hard-working and a great shooter.

Also, Erika de Souza is a great athlete and one of the best post players in the Spanish league last year. Margot Dydek, 215 cm, is a great rebounder and shooter. 

Marina Ferragut is an incredible shooter and Anne Breitreiner is young, athletic player with a great future. They are very good players, but also they are very nice people. Everybody has their own personality, but we all get along well.

The most popular of our new players is Margot Dydek.

Everybody wants to know how tall she is Everyday she needs to answer this question and she always knows that people are watching her. She is a very patient person - only with her personality can she deal with this. Hopefully everybody will be healthy and we will be able to play great basketball and win more titles and why not make the Final Four.

During this diary I will let you know all the things about our team. I will also share some secrets about my team-mates, our trips and whatever special events happen this season. I can not wait until next month to do the second diary entry.

Before I finish I just want to mention one person very important for my team - Paco Domenec. He has been sick for the last week. But he is going to be ok because he is strong and positive person with a wonderful family.

Paco, as soon you leave the hospital I’m going to invite you and your wife Auxi to a great paella. Paco Domenec get healthy quick because you will miss the Supercopa. I want to see you in the Fonteta watching us so after you can also give me your commentary about my game.

Un beso muy muy fuerte,



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