Half-Court Press: Nikola Radicevic


4. Nikola Radicevic (Serbia)
Nikola Radicevic has spent all of his 18 years either watching or playing basketball. The latter he can do very well without any help from his otherwise indispensable interpreter

Growing up in the basketball-mad city of Cacak in Serbia, playing basketball was never a question for point guard Nikola Radicevic.

Now he is realising his dreams, representing his country at the Samsung U18 European Championship.

Prior to his team taking on hosts Lithuania, caught up with the promising young guard to interrogate him for another edition of Half-Court Press. What is your first basketball memory?
Nikola Radicevic: I am from Cacak which is one of the greatest basketball cities in Serbia so from a young age I was into and watching basketball because in Cacak everybody is talking about basketball. Of course I also remember growing up watching the national team of Serbia on TV.

Why do you want to be a basketball player?
Basketball is my life. I grew up with it and I enjoy and love it. It is my first and only motive.

What are your goals in basketball?
I would like to play in the Olympic games with the national team. That would be my biggest achievement but I would also like to play for the biggest clubs in Europe. [Interpreter: He would like to play for Zeljko Obradovic!]

Who is your favourite European player?
I don't have a role model or someone I like the most. I like to watch all players and pick different elements from each player. But if I had to pick a player I would say Dejan Bodiroga or Dimitris Diamantidis.

Two seconds left on the shot clock, pass or shoot?
[A deadpan stare without the assistance of the interpreter:] Shoot.

In this team who is the most serious player and who is the biggest joker?
Doko Salic is the most serious one and as for the funniest one...there are a lot of them!

What is the greatest game you have ever played in or watched?
USA vs. Spain (Beijing Olympics Final) in 2008. I have not played in any big games. [Interpreter: He is modest, he has played in a lot of big games.]

Can you cook and if your coach comes for dinner what are you going to cook him?
I do not know how to cook but if the coach, or anybody, came for dinner I would try and make them the Serbian national dish, Sarma.


20.08.2012 - U18 MEN

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