Half-Court Press: Mikhail Kulagin


Mikhail Kulagin (Russia)
Mikhail Kulagin owes a lot to his older brother, Dmitry, is an avid NBA fan and would like to play for Russia at the Olympics one day. Just don't ask him to cook cause you'll end up having a cup of tea

Averaging 19.5 points and nine rebounds for Russia after two games at the Samsung U18 European Championship, Mikhail Kulagin's performances have been reminiscent of those of his older brother, Triumph Lyubertsy guard Dmitry Kulagin.

In its' latest Half-Court Press, found out that this is of little coincidence. What is your first memory of playing basketball?
Mikhail Kulagin: It was the influence of my brother. We played under the same coach and my brother has always been an inspiration for me. I am trying to catch up with him so here we are.

What are your goals in basketball?
Every player has a dream to play in the NBA and to also earn good money but for me basketball is a hobby and I play because I can. Playing in the NBA is only my second goal.

Russia are playing in the Olympic semi-finals (Friday). What would it mean for you to one day be in that position?
The Olympic games is the most prestigious sporting event in the world and everyone should be proud to represent their country.

Who is the most serious player on your team and who has the most fun?
Our captain (Serdar Annaev) is the most serious player on our team but we play as a team and try to help each other, but we also make jokes and laugh as a group.

Who is your favourite European player?
It is difficult to say because my favourite players are playing in the NBA but from European players I can say Tony Parker and Juan Carlos Navarro.

Can you cook, and if so, if your coach came for dinner, what would you cook for him?
I am not cooking yet so if the coach comes we will have tea with a good cake.


20.08.2012 - U18 MEN

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