Half-Court Press: Deyan Karamfilov


9. Deyan Karamfilov (Bulgaria)
Bulgaria's Deyan Karamfilov celebrating one of his thee-pointers in Thursday's game against Turkey, the best basketball contest he's ever seen in his life, as he tells

Moments after scoring 19 points on the back of three-of-five three-pointers to lead his team to an historic 95-89 overtime victory over Turkey, Bulgarian point guard Deyan Karamfilov talked to about the significance of the win for Bulgarian basketball. Congratulations on the big win. What does it mean for Bulgarian basketball?
Deyan Karamfilov: I think we have achieved something big. Something like this has not happened in the past 10 years in Bulgarian basketball. It is good to start with a win but this is just one win. Tomorrow [Friday] we are looking to beat France. We have already played them once and lost, so tomorrow we are going to try and turn that result around.

What were your goals before you arrived in Liepaja?
The main goal was to stay in Division A and we are playing every game to win.

Were you concerned going into overtime against Turkey that maybe you let the game slip, after you had led by double figures early in the fourth quarter?
No we were not worried. We knew the game was ours and there was no way we were going to lose.

What is the best game you have ever played in or seen?
Definitely today!

Who makes the most jokes in the team and who is the most serious?
Our youngest player Aleksandar Vezenkov is making the most jokes and we do not really have serious players but if I was to pick one, I would say Nikolay Stoyanov.

Can you cook? If your coach came for dinner, what would you cook for him?
[rapturous laughing from his teammates] I would make him a big salad and some traditional Bulgarian dishes.


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