Stennett Brings Football Experience To Basketball World

28 April 2008

Ceri Stennett doesn't know half as much about basketball as he does about football but for delegates on hand for the first ever FIBA Europe Seminar for National Federations he had plenty of insight to offer.

The Cardiff native was in Limassol to share what he has learned in over 20 years as Press Officer for the Football Association of Wales, a period in which he had gained valuable experience dealing with the media, fans and sponsors.

"Whether you are working in football or basketball the one thing you really do have to do is make an impression.  People have to known you are there," Said Stennett.

"We as administrators can do a great deal to help boost the profile of our federations."

Stennett touched on a range of subjects, including his main area of expertise, dealing with the media.

"Whatever you do it is critical that you keep the lines of communications open with the media," commented Stennett.

"The important thing to remember is that these organizations will always have the final word so it's vital that links with the media are kept open."

He also stressed the importance of a federation having a single, unified message.

"It is so vital that there is just one voice that comes from your federation.  There is nothing worse than having mixed messages being sent out."

Stennett, who has worked at the FAW since 1986, also spoke about his role in growing and maintaining the fan base and his involvement in relationships with sponsors.

"Once you have your sponsors in place it is incumbent upon you to make sure you are servicing that sponsor and making them feel that they are getting something for their money."

Stennett did more than just lecture; he also involved delegates in his presentation, breaking them up into groups to work on hypothetical situations ranging from receiving an unexpected infusion of money to dealing with a player who has run afoul of the law.



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