Seminar For National Federations Offers Guidance

22 April 2008

The conference room at the Grand Resort Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus was full of basketball executives from all over Europe on Saturday for the first ever FIBA Europe Seminar for National Federations.

Representatives from 30 different European nations were on hand to hear several guest speakers share their knowledge and experience on topics ranging from the value of sponsorships to dealing with the media

Caroline Drischell
Caroline Drischell of UBS spoke to delegates about the value of sports sponsorship.
to long-term strategic planning.

"If you come away from this having learned just one or two things that will help you grow basketball in your country then it's worth it," said FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin, addressing the delegates at the end of the day.

"We have 51 federations, some big ones, some smaller ones, but to us they are all important.

"FIBA Europe is like a chain and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If we have weak links the chain is not strong, this seminar is about making sure we are as strong as we can possibly be."

Those on hand heard from two of their own to start the day with presentations by Lena Wallin Kantzy, Secretary General of the Swedish Basketball Federation and Jesus Bueno, Executive Director of the Basketball Federation of Spain.

Kantzy spoke about preparations for long term strategic planning through her experiences with the Swedish Federation while Bueno discussed having a vision for your federation and working towards attaining those goals.

Ceri Stennett
Ceri Stennett offered participants his experience from the demanding world of football

After a break for lunch delegates heard from two professionals working outside the world of basketball.

Ceri Stennett, Press Officer for the Football Association of Wales presented on a variety of issues including dealing with the media, growing your fan base and making the best use of every sports greatest asset, the players.

Stennett was followed by Caroline Drischell, a Sponsorship Branding and Communications Specialist from UBS Bank who spoke on the value of sports sponsorships.

"This seminar focuses on the administrative structures of FIBA Europe national federations," commented FIBA Europe board member Olafur Rafnsson of Iceland.

"We have a lot of systems in place with regard to referees and coaches but we don't really have a system for administrators. This is what we are trying to create and establish with this first ever seminar."



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