Quotes Triumph Lyubertsy vs. Ural Ekaterinburg


Triumph Head Coach Vasiliy Karasev
"Today we played our game. The team showed good basketball from the very beginning, and I'm glad that we won by 50-plus points in a quarter-final game."

Triumph Player Evgeny Valiev
"We were seriously motivated for the second game after the battle in the first game, and we tried to win on the home court to make our fans happy."

Ekaterinburg Head Coach Oleg Okulov
"I'm very glad that my team reached the EuroChallenge play-offs, nobody at the beginning of the season could predict that we'll be in the quarter-final. It's a good result. We had a very tough game at home, and today we played without three injured players, but my team tried to do their best. I don't want to compare Triumph and Ural, the teams are on different levels."

Ekaterinburg Player Fedor Kliuchnikov
"It's hard to say something. We didn't expect such a big difference tonight. We were motivated to play a good game in both games, but we left all our emotions on the home court, and today Triumph made their game."


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