Quotes Tsmoki Minsk vs. Ural Ekaterinburg

21 January 2014

Ekaterinburg Head Coach Oleg Okulov
"The main task was to answer the tempo Tsmoki offered. In the first quarter we failed the mission a bit. But after changing the system of defence and reducing the number of turnovers we came back. We tried to support the players all the time in order to help them stay together. And in the end we were rewarded with the win. Of course we were a bit lucky in overtime, but without luck there's no win."

Ekaterinburg Player Aaron McGhee
„It was a very tough, but exciting game. We have been trying to stay close to the opponent throughout the whole game. Luckily we had the opportunity to win a great battle against a great team. We didn't pay any attention to the fact that Tsmoki are participating in the VTB League, because every game is a different story and could be won by any competitor. So we prepared ourselves tough and stole the win."

Tsmoki Minsk Head Coach Donaldas Kairys
"We let ourselves go after securing a 12-poin lead. And the opponent punished us. Ural made us pay for the mistakes on offence, when we didn't care about the ball movement and passing the ball accurately. It's very sad to lose the game. Not because of the result, but because of our performance and poor execution."

Tsmoki Minsk Player Pavel Ulyanko
"It's hard to say anything right now. The defeat hurts. The only component we lost was the rebound - and we paid for it. All the teams have ups and downs through the season. So we have to dig ourselves out of this pitch."


21.01.2014 - EUROCHALLENGE

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