Quotes BC Mures vs. Rilski Sportist


Rilski head coach Rosen Barchovski
"First off all we'll have to analyse our participation in the EuroChallenge, it was a good experience for such a small club like ours. We lost this game because of defense. Allowing 92 points is not a good performance."

Rilski shooting guard Sean Barnette
"We lost the game on the defensive end, we had a hard time responding to their pick-and-rolls. We also had 18 turnovers which is a lot. Mures has been a good team in the past few years, playing in a tough championship."

Mures head coach Srecko Sekulovic
"We had a hard time defeating Rilski which we finally managed to do. As for our performance in the cup, we can say we had bad luck, Martinic for example missed a couple of games which might have had a different outcome had he been on the court."

Mures power forward Ivan Ivanovic
"Even though both teams were out of the competition before the start of this game, we took it seriously and we were able to offer our fans a victory on home court." 


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