Quotes: Tofas SC Bursa vs. Fortress Jaszberenyi


Tofas Head Coach Ahmet Caki:
"We played good, especially in the first half. We made a lot of mistakes in the third quarter. Our team quality is better than our opponent but they hustled good. Because of that we respect Fortress Jeszberenyi."

Tofas Player Samet Geyik:
"Before this game we wanted to begin EuroChallenge well. We are happy to win this game. Our goal is the EuroChallenge Final Four. We have a lot of games in November, beginning with that game. I hope we will succeed in our next games. I congratulate our opponents because of their hustle."

Fortress Jaszberenyi Head Coach Sandor Foldi:
"The Tofas team has more quality than ours. They played good. They have a lot of experience in these competitions. We respect and learn things from our opponents."

Tofas Player Milos Markovic:
"We congratulate Tofas. We did our best but we couldn't succeed. They played well, especially in the first half. We will try to our best in the second game."


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