Bojovic Finds Contentment With Kosice

21 March 2013
15. Miljana Bojovic (Good Angels Kosice)
Miljana Bojovic is the floor general of Good Angels Kosice

As correspondent Paul Nilsen found out, there are few more engaging or candid players on the EuroLeague Women circuit than Good Angels Kosice playmaker Miljana Bojovic.

The point guard has been instrumental during recent years in helping to continue the transformation of the Slovak Republic club from perennial strugglers, to their fairytale status of now participating in the semi-finals.

Bojovic didn't take long to underline what a great season the Good Angels have had, whilst also issuing a reminder of how their confidence and self-belief has taken them to a new place mentally.

"I don't want to be modest anymore," said the Serbian.

"I think that as long as we play the kind of basketball we have played since the start of the season, we feel that we can beat anybody.

"People still think we are the surprise team of the EuroLeague Women Final Eight and also of the season generally.

"However, they should have believed in us as a team right from the very beginning."

It hasn't all been plain sailing though. Bojovic has had to endure a challenging personal journey, but mirroring the results and success of her team, the sunshine has emerged from behind the clouds and she has flourished during the last couple of years.

"Yes, I would say my career was a little bumpy right from the beginning," admitted the 25-year-old with a refreshing dose of candour.

"Maybe I just got the wrong advice or took the wrong decisions.

"At certain times, I admit, it was very bad."

However, during the last two seasons, Bojovic has established herself as one of the leading guards in the competition, with her game reaching new levels.

Averaging 2.1 assists just three season ago, she boosted her production to five assists per-game last year and has managed to increase that number to 5.5 for the current campaign.

The stats suggest a new-found contentment with life, both on and off the court - at a club where she feels comfortable.

Sure enough and with a typically huge smile, the guard confirmed, "People say that since I got married, I have started to play very well - but I just think I matured.

"I really think it's maybe even more the case that for women players especially, feeling good about life outside of the court, makes you feel much better when you step onto it.

15. Miljana Bojovic (Good Angels Kosice)
Miljana Bojovic refers to Kosice as being like, "one big family"

"I am just pleased to be progressing as a player, and yes, it's also about the team.

"I am not sure what it's like at other clubs in the EuroLeague Women, but Kosice is like one big family."

She continued, "Even the boss of the club is like a friend for us, because not only does he never miss any games, he even comes to practices.

"I think this shows the commitment and kind of relationships we all have, including with our coaches."

Whilst Bojovic gets the credit for the assists which go up against her name, she placed considerable credit in the hands of her team-mates without any kind of prompting.

She said, "It is very easy to play for this team, because firstly, my team-mates are great people.

"Nobody gets mad if they don't get the ball, because it is not just about the point guard, everybody shares the ball really well.

"Secondly, we also get along really well.

"Although of course we are still twelve women working together, so you sometimes have to have a few fights along the way" laughed Bojovic.

"But, we always solve any problems and then it is all forgotten."

With two rock solid and hugely impressive seasons behind her, it's unfathomable how Bojovic has not been drafted back into the national team at senior level.

Serbia have qualified for EuroBasket Women in France and they would surely boost their chances of success by having the guard on board, particularly considering Bojovic was the teams' second top scorer as a 20-year-old at EuroBasket Women 2007.

"It's very complicated," she said with a simultaneous nod of the head.

Whatever the history, surely now is the time for Serbia to pick up the phone to Bojovic and for each party to agree to start a new chapter.

For now though, the Kosovska Mitrovica native has only one thing on her mind - ensuring an already fantastic season for Good Angels Kosice gets even better with victory over Fenerbahce.



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24.03.2013 - ELW FINAL 8

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