Quotes BLMA vs. Nadezhda


BLMA head coach Valery Demory
"We allowed them back into the match immediately after half-time. The difference between the teams was little mistakes which cost us dear. We're not eliminated yet."

BLMA player Virginie Bremont
"We had a 10-point lead and allowed them back into the match with a lack of discipline. It's very frustrating as we really wanted to win."

Nadezhda head coach George Dikeoulakos
"I'm very happy with the result as we played badly, and we have a superior point difference too. At half-time we changed things around and were fortunate enough to equalise very quickly."

Nadezhda player Glory Johnson
"It was a fast-paced game, and BLMA played aggressive defence and really made us work hard for the win."


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