Quotes Famila Schio vs. Rivas Ecopolis

19 February 2013

Schio head coach Maurizio Lasi:
"It's true we won but nothing is decided. Now we have to do something great in Madrid against a tough team which is complete and, as everybody saw tonight, plays a very good basketball."

Schio player Raffaella Masciadri:
"So far, this game felt like the most important we played. We can do better, especially on the rebounds. But right now we're happy for this win and we know in Madrid we'll need to fight."

Rivas head coach Miguel Mendez:
"I want to congratulate Schio. We played a great match tonight but I know we can do better and we'll work to come back here to Schio."

Rivas player Oleksandra Kurasova:
"It was a tough game as we expected; playing in this arena is not easy for anybody. In this kind of match every ball is very important; now we've got two days to prepare the next game in Madrid."



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