Quotes Nadezhda Orenburg vs. CCC Polkowice

19 February 2013

CCC Polkowice head coach Jacek Winnicki:
"I'm happy to have won. It's always hard to play here in Orenburg. It was really important to win this match and I'm really happy to have succeeded in that. The match in Poland will be really tough, but we'll do our best to win."

CCC Polkowice player Laia Palau:
"We are very glad to have won this game. The games in Russia are always very tough. We led in the first part of the game. And although Nadezhda got closer in the second half, we collected all our strength to win today."

Nadezhda head coach Algirdas Paulauskas:
"I should say, unfortunately we messed up the first part of the match. Only in the second half we could find our game. But today there was no team on the court. It's impossible to win a match without being one team. We will make a conclusion after this match and try to win in the away match. Anyway, it won't be easy to do it."

Nadezhda player Dewanna Bonner:
"It's very difficult to win when every player of the other team gets many points. We wanted to and we got our game in the second half, but we didn't succeed in the end of the game. We will do our best in the next match to have a chance to play the final game at home."



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