Quotes Nadezhda Orenburg vs. Arras Pays D'Artois


Nadezhda head coach Algirdas Paulauskas:
"Not all was successful on the court, but every team shows itself in a tough game. I'm glad we revealed our character. The third quarter was hard, we got many fouls. Anyway, we got ourselves together and won. Congratulations to all players and fans!"

Nadezhda player Natalia Zhedik:
"My congratulations to everyone! We won a very important match and we needed this win. And of course we wanted to give this win to the president of our club as a birthday present."

Arras head coach Marc Silvert:
"We did everything we could to win today; I have only been the coach of my team for three weeks. Today Nadezhda played really well both in offence and defence and they easily scored the three-point shots, congratulations on winning!"

Arras player Johanne Gomis:
"It was a hard game - long flight, difficult trip. We were really tired. I should admit our opponents are more talented than we are. We gave everything we could, but our opponents were stronger."


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