Quotes Fenerbahce vs. Nadezhda Orenburg


Fenerbahce Head Coach Roberto Iniguez
"We got off to a good start both at the beginning of the game and after half-time. We need to keep this mentality through all periods. I am happy for the win, it is so important for us. We know we have to play better in the future. We shot at a bad percentage, we must do better."

Fenerbahce Player Birsel Vardarli
"I am happy to win. It was a hard game. We will work on our mistakes and be better for the future."

Nadezhda Head Coach George Dikeoulakos
"I know the team of Fenerbahce very well. They are such a strong team. At the beginning of the game, we could not find our rhythm. We could not play as we wanted. I believe that we can play better in the future."

Nadezhda Player Kelli Miller
"I am upset as we lost. We have lots of games more and I believe we can play better. We want to keep improving."


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