Quotes: Galatasaray vs. USK Prague


Galatasaray Head Coach Ekrem Memnun
"This was a must win game for us. So we are sad that we lost. It will make our standing in the group harder. We want to have the home advantage in the play-offs. We were after a good season start but we lost our concentretion along the way and it cost us tough loses. We had some injured and sickness affected our game plan. Our offence percentage was low today. We had 15 turnovers. It made us lose the control of the game. We will work harder to win the next two games."
Galatasaray Player Shavonte Zellous
"This is a bad loss for us. Both teams had to win tonight. We made some crucial turnovers at important times. It cost us the game."
USK Prague Head Coach Natalia Hejkova
"We are happy that we won today. Galatasaray is one of the best teams in EuroLeague Women. Last week we lost at home by one point. So, this is a very valuable win for us. Robinson was very good for our rotation today. Even though Palau is injured we managed to cover her absence. We defended well tonight. It’s not easy to keep Galatasaray to 58 points on their home court."
USK Prague Player Kia Vaughn
"This was a good win for us. You can’t take anything away from Galatasaray easily. It was a tough atmosphere but we fought hard and managed to win."


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