Delegates Exchange Ideas At Secretary Generals Meeting

12 May 2006

Delegates gathered in Munich for the Secretary Generals meeting to review activities, share challenges and offer solutions.

The meeting was established last year as a means for federations to meet in an informal setting to address specific technical aspects related to basketball organisation.

“We want to inform you about our activities while at the same time get feedback as to how we can better serve you,” FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin told the participants from the 50 countries in attendance at the outset of the meeting.

“We want this meeting to be a productive exchange.”

Zanolin opened the meeting by providing a review of the topics addressed from the previous Secretary Generals meeting, which include the hiring of a coaching coordinator, the launch of the Year of Women’s Basketball and the implementation of an insurance policy.

FIBA Europe Sports Director Kosta Iliev provided a summary of the competitions over the last year. Delegates were informed that the draw for clubs would be held on August 5-6 in Munich.

Year of Women’s Basketball Project Manager Esther Wender reviewed the launch of the project, which seeks to raise the profile of the women’s game.

Referee Coordinator Miguel Betancor spoke about recent FIBA Europe officiating activities, including the digital score sheet which allows users to click on a statistic and then instantaneously see the action on video.

Betancor also introduced the digital rule book, an online and interactive presentation of basketball´s rules.

The presentation will allow users to see the rules displayed in both picture and digital form.

Coaching Coordinator Michael Schwarz highlighted the creation of the newly formed department.

At the end of each presentation, delegates were given the opportunity to ask questions related to the topic, while also sharing positive experiences as well as difficulties.

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