29th European Championship for Women 2003 Draw Determined

19 January 2003
Pyrgos, Amaliada and Patras, Greece, 19th - 28th September 2003

The Draw for the Final Round of the above championship was held today, 19th January 2003, in the Olympic Academy, Olympia, Greece. The results were as follows:

Group A (in Pyrgos): Czech Republic, France, Greece, Israel, Poland, Yugoslavia

Group B (in Amaliada): Belgium, Hungary, Russia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Ukraine

Preliminary Round

19th September 2003

Group A

Yugoslavia v.Poland
Greece v. Czech Republic
Israel v. France

Group B

Belgium v. Spain
Slovak Republic v. Russia
Ukraine v. Hungary

20th September 2003

Group A

Poland v. Greece
France v. Yugoslavia
Czech Republic v. Israel

Group B

Spain v. Slovak Republic
Hungary v. Belgium
Russia v. Ukraine

21st September 2003

Group A

France v. Poland
Israel v. Greece
Yugoslavia v. Czech Republic

Group B

Hungary v. Spain
Ukraine v. Slovak Republic
Belgium v. Russia

22nd September 2003 - Rest Day

23rd September 2003

Group A

Poland v. Israel
Czech Republic v. France
Greece v. Yugoslavia

Group B

Spain v. Ukraine
Russia v. Hungary
Slovak Republic v. Belgium

24th September 2003

Group A

Czech Republic v. Poland
Yugoslavia v. Israel
France v. Greece

Group B

Russia v. Spain
Belgium v. Ukraine
Hungary v. Slovak Republic

The games of the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals will be played in Patras.

26th September 2003

Game 31: A5 v B6
Game 32: B5 v A6
Game 33: B2 v A3
Game 34: A1 v B4
Game 35: A2 v B3
Game 36: B1 v A4

27th September 2003

Game 37: Loser 31 v Loser 32 (11 - 12)
Game 38: Winner 31 v Winner 32 ( 9 - 10)
Game 39: Loser 33 v Loser 34
Game 40: Loser 35 v Loser 36
Game 41: Winner 33 v Winner 34
Game 42: Winner 35 v Winner 36

28th September 2003

Game 43: Loser 39 v Loser 40 (7 - 8)
Game 44: Winner 39 v Winner 40 (5 - 6)
Game 45: Loser 41 v Loser 42 (3 - 4)
Game 46: Winner 41 v Winner 42 (1 - 2)

The 3 best-placed teams plus Greece will qualify for the Olympic Basketball Tournament in Athens, Greece, 2004.

The team placed 1st will qualify directly for the Final Round of the European Championship for Women in 2005.

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